Italian Overload

I’m there. Not with the people, just the food. For my mom’s birthday dinner tonight, we went to my favorite restaurant in NJ, Portobello.  I’ve mentioned it quite a few times on here, but I don’t think I ever mentioned *why* it’s my favorite restaurant in NJ. 

This is where, almost 12 years ago (ah!!!), I had my Sweet 16 party!

(My dad and I danced to Butterfly Kisses, which, by the way, is a really long song. Especially if most of your guests are 15-17 years old.)

That’s definitely one of the best parties I’ve had…ever…so I still love going back to the restaurant. And the food is good, too.

My dad and I split the mozzarella en carrozza appetizer, and I had chicken florentine for dinner. It said on the menu that there was mozzarella and prosciutto in it, but I thought they would be small pieces, not slabs of cheese and meat. Definitely negative points for presentation here.

At least there were a few veggies?

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