Snowbound in NJ

So, I’m still in Jersey. I had planned to be until Wednesday, because my mom’s birthday is tomorrow and a little down time never hurt anyone. But this whole “snow emergency” thing is cramping my style a little bit. I’m a little antsy. 

Yesterday, I went with my mom to the grocery store, because I was curious how ridiculous it would be the day of a big storm. The answer: pretty ridiculous. The crowded aisles rivaled those of the NYC grocery stores I go to, except with even more surly looks when angry elves got stuck behind a grocery cart.

Since everyone else was shopping like it was the end of the earth, and my mom was paying, I started throwing random stuff in the cart. Almonds? I’ll find something to do with them. Chocolate chips? I’ll be snowed in. I’ll need to bake.

My mom’s random purchase was “soup greens.” She threw them into a pot, added some water, broth, chicken, potatoes, tomatoes and spices, and turned it into a soup. It was pretty good, and it definitely hit the spot on a cold night.

I love my parents and all, but I really wouldn’t mind a boyfriend to be snowed in with right now…

Since I didn’t have a hot piece of meat next to me, I had one on my plate.

Let’s call this Gratuitous Picture of Your Meat Monday. There was also some broccoli and sweet potatoes on the plate, but they didn’t photograph quite as well. My mom thinks I don’t eat enough red meat. Usually, I argue with her and tell her too much red meat isn’t food for you, but last night I let her make me the damn steak.

This morning, it was back to the oatmeal, with raspberries and sunflower seed butter. My mom had bought a huge thing of oatmeal the last time I was home, and I guess I stole it to bring back to my apartment, because all was left was the by-the-packet stuff with “brown sugar” and “maple syrup.” Emphasis on the quotes. The ingredients on the back of the packet were actually a bunch of chemicals that combined to make brown sugar and maple syrup flavoring.

A few gratuitous snow shots…

This is taken laying down in front of the front door, because there’s too much snow to actually walk out the front door. We got two feet out here in Jersey!


I guess there’s no sledding if the sled is covered in snow…

Are you snowbound, too?

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