The Other White Meat


With the Luluberry clothes that Santa left under the tree was a pass to a free class at a hot yoga studio around the corner from my parents’ house. I enjoy yoga, but I reserve hot yoga for when I’m either really stuck in a rut or desperately need some detox.

While I’m starting to work my way back towards my normal healthy choices, I’m still at home at my parents’, and part of the experience is the yummy food my mom cooks for me—which isn’t always necessarily as healthy as I normally eat. So a nice hot yoga detox was in order. (If you are ready to start detoxing, read this guide I wrote for Glamour last year on how to do it.)

When I got back, my mom was ready to cook dinner. She bought pork chops when we were at the store yesterday, I’ve been wanting to try pork chops on my own, but I haven’t yet, so I was more than happy to let her do the experimenting. She asked what I wanted, but I was so worn out from yoga (for me, hot yoga leaves me more drained than energized) that I told her she could do whatever she wanted with them. She didn’t have to attempt to make them healthy. She found this recipe for pork chops florentine, and it was incredibly tasty.

Not pictured: some brown rice and asparagus. I ate them first.

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