A Little Extra Time

Sunday night, I took a shower late after running, so I skipped a shower yesterday because I’m lazy I was still clean. I loved the extra time I had in the morning that wasn’t spent showering and doing my hair, so I showered last night and decided to let my hair do its own thing this morning.

I woke up only a little earlier than usual today and managed to do two 10-minute sections of Core Fusion Yoga before work, sun salutations and hip openers. What I like about this DVD is that you can pick the sections you want to do or you can do the entire 50-minute DVD straight through.

The hip-opener section is absolutely amazing for my tight hip flexors and IT bands. I’m not totally crazy about the snow, but watching it come down from my warm living room while doing yoga was incredibly relaxing. As was not rushing around to do my hair. My hair is naturally straight, but I still dry and straighten it almost every morning. (I know, I know…) This shower-at-night thing may become a new habit when I know I’m not working out in the morning. (Oh wait, I guess that’s almost everyday.)

On Katie’s suggestion, I tried a pack of this Justin’s Almond Butter on my English muffin this morning. I didn’t want to commit to a whole jar until I knew I liked it, but it’s pretty good. I also bought a few packets of the chocolate flavor to try.

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