Today was…

  • A pseudo-business lunch with Alexis at L’Express. (This is eggs with salmon, creme fraiche and chives.)
  • A 30-minute elliptical workout after work

  • Easy being green. Broccoli + chicken pattie + pesto (bought for another recipe, but used in this) over whole wheat spaghetti. This really wasn’t very emotionally satisfying, but it was fast and physically satisfying.

  • Topped off by a smoothie in a bowl. This one included: Whole Foods frozen tropical fruit mix, almond milk, 3 oz Greek yogurt and was topped with some oats. I was going to try Gena’s banana soft serve, but I didn’t have frozen bananas. 

What did you have for dinner? Was it good? Was it emotionally satisfying, physically satisfying, or both?

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