Back to Normal

So, the New York Times quoted me  yesterday, I got excited, and responded.

Before that, I was going to post about yesterday being a sad day. You see, when I was losing weight, I ate at Pump a lot. The way of eating my trainer was suggesting advocated for no bread and only eating grains as found in nature (i.e. brown rice, quinoa).

He said that the bread was extra energy our bodies don’t need, and so I used to eat a TON of brown rice. It’s still my default carb; old habits die hard. While I definitely have bread now (especially when I’m training for a race), I do think there are better ways to get nutrients in than a big, doughy sandwich. So, I was planning on getting a rice bowl from Au Bon Pain …until they told me they have been discontinued.

Harvest Rice Bowls, may you rest in peace.

I got a pesto sandwich instead (since salad bothers my stomach), but I forgot my memory card at home. I had it on whole wheat, but it was still relatively nutrition-lite for nearly 700 calories. But delicious.

Dinner was champagne at Junior League HQ to celebrate the NYT mention, followed by some leftovers when I got home.

This morning, I was back to my usual breakfast these days: banana and sunflower seed butter, today on a bagel thin.

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