Thursday Tempo…

Done! Thank god. I’ve been busy and awful at fitting in my three runs every week, but I turned down drinks with my coworker (as much as I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS) to get to the gym and run. 

I asked two smart runner friends, Liz and Jen what I should do. They both confirmed that the long run was most important. Jen said that while the speedwork should be my first choice, as long I was running one run faster than long run pace (which is slower than I’ll be running on race day. I remember Tina writing the other day that she’d read that tempo runs were the most important run, so I decided to go with a tempo run (especially since that takes a little less time to recover from, and I’m running 10 miles on Saturday.)

Warm-up: 5 minutes walk/jog

Mile 1-1.2: 6.7mph/8:57 pace (I ran this until 1.2 because that’s when I accidentally hit the stop button and had to start all over.

1.2-2.0: 6.8mph/8:49 pace

2.0-3.0: 6.9mph/8:42 pace

3.0-3.6: 7.0mph/8:34 pace

3.6-3.8: 7.2mph/8:06 pace

3.8-4.0: 7.5/8:00 pace

[Also, walking breaks for .10 miles at the beginning of 2.0 and 3.0. I don’t usually plan in walking breaks outside, but I HAVE to on the treadmill, or else I have a hard time getting through a treadmill workout.]

Cooldown: walk for 5 minutes

So technically that’s not how you’re “supposed” to do it, according to Runner’s World/hardcore people, but it was fast and I got progressively faster as I continued, so yeah. 

And lunch was a sandwich (kind of ironic after I said this morning I don’t eat sandwiches much!) with Dori, who works across the street from me! We found out that our NYT story was actually in the print edition, too, so we met up to buy copies and grab lunch!

I had a roast turkey sandwich. Because it had avocado.

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