Small Victories

Yesterday, I bought both breakfast and lunch. Since I was away all weekend, I didn’t get a chance to grocery shop yet. (Sometimes I get groceries delivered, but usually I like to see what’s on sale and what produce looks the best.)

I easily could have stopped somewhere for breakfast, but I have a giant thing of oatmeal in my pantry, so I poured out a portion and put some frozen fruit in with it to bring to work.

Microwaving the frozen fruit with the oatmeal melted it—mostly. I then added a big spoonful of sunflower butter.

If you a regular reader, you know that I am most definitely NOT a morning person. But, I’m hosting the first meeting of my new book club tonight at my apartment, so I had to work out in the morning. I ran on the treadmill in my building for 4 miles, per my training plan for the two halfs I’m running this spring and then cleaned up my apartment.

Now I’m a little sleepy. I think Starbucks forgot to caffeinate my coffee this morning…

Or my body’s just mad at me for trying to change it from its morning sloth-like ways.

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