Snow No!

(Don’t worry, I’m out of snowy puns after this.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my work from home day. My coworkers, who live further than me, were going to work, so I had no good excuse to work from home.

Trekking to work in the snow…

I did have a good excuse to get a bagel, or so I thought. In the cafeteria at work, there were tons of other people getting bagels, so maybe we all had the same thought.

This afternoon, I did a phone interview with a New York Times reporter (!!!!!), based on a comment I left on this post. A friend at an agency is interested in my thoughts on healthy food.

I’m not an expert (yet! There is an announcement, soon…), and I never profess to be one, but it’s certainly flattering that this former couch potato is being interviewed about her healthy habits! I’m glad I’m on this side of the fence.

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