There Better Be Leftovers…

I had a drink after work with a coworker, and we chatted for so long that it was nearly 9pm when I got home. With a fridge full of vegetables, I was determined not to order in.

I have had after-work plans of some sort every single day this week. I love being social, but man, am I tired. And sore. These boot camp for marathoners classes are no joke, either. After my workout tonight (before the drink, don’t worry), I was actually shaking on the foam roller, my quads were so tight.

While I was walking home, forcing myself to ignore the million places en route I could pick up takeout, I thought of the easiest and fastest way I could make a real meal.

I ruled out pasta, because I feel like I’ve been having that too often. I ruled out eggs because I’m honestly not big on the breakfast for dinner thing. I ruled out just making some chicken with veggies on the side because I feel like I overdid that when I was losing weight, and frankly, it’s boring.

Stir fry. I can do that. I cut up two big chicken breasts and sauteed them in sesame oil, a little soy sauce, a little bit of olive oil and with broccoli, carrots and kale. I microwaved some 60-second brown rice.

But the best part of my meal wasn’t the meal itself, it was dessert. A Yoo-Hoo chocolate fudge bar.  But now it’s 10:45 and my kitchen still hasn’t cleaned itself. So this dinner better have been worth making at 9pm and there better be enough leftovers for the next two lunches.

Because I shouldn’t get lunch out again… (today was a Harvest Rice Bowl from Au Bon Pain.)

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