When in Boston

Twenty-four hours was maybe a little too much time in the ‘burbs for me (just kidding…sort of), so I hopped onto a train and headed into Boston this afternoon.

Newbury Street.

Junior League! (Right next to Kate Spade. +1 for Junior League of Boston.)

I had plans to have lunch with these fabulous ladies. From left to right: Sarah, Lizzy and Beck. It was my first time meeting Sarah, and she is every bit as sweet and adorable in person as she is in her videos. (I met Beck at the Healthy Living Summit when we ran together; Lizzy and I went to college together.)

We went to a cute restaurant in Back Bay called The Met. I got a turkey burger with avocado and muenster and sweet potato fries. (Yes, I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries.)

After one more drink and some football-watching with Sarah, I headed back to South Station to head back out to MaryBeth’s house.

No, she doesn’t live in a Chinese restaurant. And, weirdly enough, we weren’t in a Chinese restaurant. We were in a Thai restaurant that also served sushi…

I mean, when in Rome, right? Clearly, I wasn’t going to get Thai when there was sushi around. Nor was I going to turn down lobster while in New England—even if it’s more of a Maine thing. I had a lobster roll and a salmon avocado roll, and one piece of salmon sushi. I usually go for brown rice, but I was too distracted by catching up with MB to think of that.

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