A Quiet Week

If this were a normal week, I would have already completed a boot camp, had a Junior League meeting and gone to a blog event. But since I’m sick, I’ve come home every night after work and spent it on the couch with Mr. Bailey. I guess I needed it.

I’m still going strong on eating in this week. I almost ordered takeout when I got home, but remembered I had a few more meatballs left in my fridge.

I also haven’t run or exercised since Sunday. While I just have a bad cold, and I probably could work out, I’ve chosen not to, so that I can conserve energy and hopefully feel better faster. (And, um, I don’t mind taking a few days off!)

The one thing I realized this week: I am going to do everything in my power to become  a morning exerciser. I watch Ashley and Sara tweet about their morning workouts, and I wonder why I don’t do that. This week has been really nice having extra time after work since I haven’t been working out. I’m going to try the morning/lunch workouts again next week.

And yes, I’ll take some cheese with this whine.

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