Another Birthday Celebration

Heading out to NJ last night was part to celebrate my parents’ anniversary and part to celebrate my birthday just one more time. (Their insistence, not mine. I didn’t mind, however.)

We usually go to a few tried and true restaurants, but last night we tried a new place a few towns over, in Wayne, called Aldo’s.

My dad and I, per usual, started with the mozzarella carrozza. It’s kind of our benchmark of a good Italian restaurant. If they’re good at this, then they’re probably good at everything else.

Well, the mozzarella carrozza wasn’t so good. My mom’s stuffed artichoke was okay, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Knowing I had a big day of eating coming up today, I decided to go for as light an entree as possible. I got the orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage. Everything else was fairly traditional Italian–heavy on the sauce, breading and cheese.


This photo doesn’t really show scale, but they brought out a really tiny fork. I was confused.


Usually when I’m home, my mom will make my breakfast, but we were busy cleaning the house for company today, so I made my own breakfast.


Yeah, I don’t get too creative before coffee. And this is a white English muffin. Boooo white bread.


Bailey and I split some turkey bacon. This wasn’t supposed to be an action shot, but I forgot to tell him that.


Roast chicken and sausage and peppers.


A sandwich platter.


Baked ziti.


My plate–a little of everything.


Bailey’s cousin Teddy (named after me!) and my cousin Eddie.




The fam.


The cake, which kind of turned into ice cream soup. Those flowers are supposed to be much higher.


It may have been a bit of a cakewreck, but it was still yummy.

And after a bunch of heavy food, it’s most definitely time for sleep.

4 comments on “Another Birthday Celebration

  1. Ash Bear

    I find it all too funny that your cake melted. Oh lord. Hopefully there weren’t any other meltdowns and your party was equally as fun as your Skitastic birthday party1, well almost.


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