They Can’t All Be Good…

This morning, I had 10 miles on my schedule for my upcoming half-marathons. I was planning on running it with Ashley, Melissa and Ali, but it ended up just being me and Ashley–which felt a lot like marathon training.

I went out for sushi last night with Eileen and then stayed up late hanging out with Michelle and friends in my building. I climbed into bed at 2am, and set my alarm for 7–earlier than I wake up for work some days.

I woke up at 7 fairly sure I was certifiably crazy. Five hours sleep to run 10 miles? Probably not my smartest move ever. I ran the 1.5 miles to meet Ashley at her apartment and then we set out for what was supposed to be another 8.5 miles but ended up being another 9 miles. (If you plan a route at 2am, you will miscalculate. That is a scientific fact.)

(photo from a much warmer day in front of her apartment)


I absolutely made every rookie mistake in this run.

  • I didn’t sleep enough.
  • I didn’t fuel enough. I had a random oats ‘n’ honey bar that I found in my medicine cabinet this morning and then only half a Gu, because my stomach was a little unsettled.
  • I probably didn’t drink enough water.

The company, of course, was great, but the run just sucked. About two miles after leaving Ashley’s, I found the only patch of ice left in Manhattan, and I bit it–HARD. Not only did I fall, but I somehow took Ashley down with me, too. My right knee hit the pavement, and I had visions of never running again. Somehow I kicked over a trash can, too. I stood up, AND A MAN WAS LAUGHING AT ME. LAUGHING. As I gingerly stood up and clearly was trying to see if I was hurt or not. Ashley and I were fuming and starting walking again. I have a bruise on my knee, but otherwise am fine. The rest of the run just felt like it took forever and my legs were lead.

We ran down to the tip (just the tip), passed my old apartment and ran back up the west side back to my current apartment, where THE RUN FINALLY ENDED. (It didn’t feel like it ever would.) We ended up running a total of 10.5 miles.

photo 1.JPG

Ash came in to use the bathroom and snuggle with Bailey a little bit, and take this super-cute pic of Bailey “helping” me stretch before she left to finish her own run.


photo 2.JPG

I had my usual bagel (no photo today, sorry), did a little shopping with Jen, and now I’m out in NJ to celebrate my parents’ 33rd anniversary.


Doesn’t my dad look a little Ron Burgundy here???

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