No Time to Be Sick

But yet, I am. Sore, dry throat, stuffy, burny nose, no energy.

My birthday is the 11th (mark your calendars, yo), and I’m leaving for a ski trip with friends the day before. Tamsin is visiting the weekend after.

I used to get pissed—“I’m so healthy, why do I get sick?” Turns out, I’m not Superwoman, just a super woman (haaaaa), and sometimes exercise can actually make you sick, if it zaps you of zinc.

My thoughts on vitamins/supplements are somewhat conflicted (ideally, I think you should be able to get all of the nutrients you need from your diet, but sometimes supplements are necessary), but when I’m sick, I definitely up my vitamin intake, and it seems to help. I take: Vitamin  C, zinc and echinacea, in addition to my semi-regular (as in, when I can remember) B-complex and Omega-3.

Getting sick always reminds me to slow down, so I spent last night on the couch and plan on doing the same tonight so that I can enjoy the fun things coming up.

Breakfast was sunflower butter and banana on an English muffin, and I added some blueberries today so that it’d be a bit more filling. This is a tasty breakfast, but on its own, it sometimes lack the staying power that oats do.

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