Old Friends

Last night, I temporarily left my sick cave to hang out with my friend Kat, who is visiting from D.C. We met seven (!) years ago when we interned together and became fast friends due to our shared love for happy hour. (And some things never change.)

We did a little happy hour chez moi and then headed out to find something to eat. She’s staying at a hotel relatively near me, and we were both tired, so we went for something within walking distance—fine with me!

We went to Basilica, a cozy Italian restaurant on 9th Ave. I had the farfalle with broccoli rabe and spicy sausage. (It reminded me of what I thought was going to be my last pasta meal ever when I thought I had celiac.)

Kat does freelance photography, so I didn’t feel too bad/weird taking some pictures in the restaurant. It wasn’t that busy, either, so I wasn’t the jerk with the camera.

She’s taken a million random photos of me that I didn’t realize she took and later saw online, so…hi Kat!

Then the waiter brought us some amaretto on the house. Who was I to say no??

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