Soup for you!

Six days later, and I’m still sick. I decided to try ordering some really spicy soup to try to knock the cold out of me, but it didn’t work.

So I tried some chicken pad see yew. I used to be obsessed with this (as in the delivery guys from my fave D.C. Thai place knew me by name obsessed), but I haven’t had it since I started trying to lose weight almost two years ago. It was delicious, but I felt sick to my stomach and bloated when I finished it. Because I ate the whole thing. Oops.

In between lunch and dinner (the above matzoh ball soup), all I did was sleep and go to the doctor. When I finally realized I’d been sick for almost a week, I decided it was high time to go and walked to one of the Duane Reade walk-in clinics.

Between walking in, being seen and diagnosed (strep…boo!) and getting my prescription filled, it took about 20 minutes total. I would definitely do this again if sick and wanted to see a doctor quickly without having to worry about getting an appointment. 

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