Whole-Wheat Roll-Up Pizza

After reading lots of tweets about ordering pizza, I was seriously craving some but felt like ordering an entire pizza in would be a little much for this Super Bowl pity party of one. (It’s not the football I care about; it’s the lost opportunity for a good party, and I was supposed to go a damn good one.)

Then I considered taking a short walk to get a slice and quickly reconsidered. I looked in my refrigerator, saw the whole-wheat rollups I’d bought for lunch last week, I had a brainstorm. Make my own pizza!!

For a whole-wheat, flaxseed base, this wasn’t too bad. I used cherry tomato and pesto sauce and put some goat cheese on top and baked it at 350 for 10 minutes.

But I was looking forward to eating some good junk food. I’m calling a bar food redo sometime soon. 

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