Why Being Sick is Like Training for a Marathon

I had a really whiny post drafted, and I deleted it to spare you.

You need to hydrate.

  • Coconut water and regular water are my BFFs.

You eat what’s easy on your stomach.

You will do whatever necessary to feel better.

  • Sick: Neti pot, zinc, Vitamin C, echinachea, Vitamin B
  • Long run: Epsom salt/ice bath, foam roller

You eat stuff you wouldn’t otherwise eat. 

  • Orange juice: Too much sugar usually, but it’s magic for a sore throat and would probably be an okay recovery drink after a long run. (In fact, Emily has a great recipe here for a homemade energy drink that includes OJ.)
  • Canned soup: I don’t usually eat canned soup, but the simplicity can’t be beat. After a long run, the higher sodium count probably wouldn’t be the worst thing.
  • Saltine crackers. Same thing: high sodium content is just as good for a body dehydrated by being sick as it is for a body dehydrated by a long run.
  • Vitamin Water/Gatorade: This is usually way too sugary, but when you’re totally depleted of energy and nutrients, a little sugar can help.

You might not be hungry right away, but when you do get hungry, you need to eat IMMEDIATELY.

  • This morning, I had breakfast right away, but had to attend a conference in the afternoon from 1-6. I had no appetite to eat before, but at around 3, I got ravenous and dived into a Fiber One bar and a Crumbs mini-cupcake.

You get a little cranky.

  • Sorry.

You need to take some time off to recover.

  • I haven’t worked out since last Sunday, and, frankly, I’m going a little batty. (I really never thought I’d be that person…but I am. However, I’m still not feeling up to it 🙁 )

You need lots of sleep.

  • Good night.

While I’m resting and whining to myself, why don’t you look at some pictures of cute dogs, including Bailey? Tina did an awesome post today about her readers’ dogs!

One comment on “Why Being Sick is Like Training for a Marathon

  1. Lauren

    It’s an interesting comparison between a cold and training for a long distance run. I would totally agree with you! Also, I am just getting over a cold too. I worked out on Monday morning and it was the hardest workout ever. I really could barely do it. It’s definitely worth waiting until you are better!


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