Shaking It Out

After the race, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t break my sub-2:00 goal.

I was happy that I’d finished my second half-marathon in as many weeks, and happy that my time was still faster than the last half I’d done before my Tour de Halves, but I couldn’t shake that nagging feeling of disappointment and rehashing the race and the days leading up to it in my head. What if I had gotten more sleep? What if, what if, what if?

But as time passed, I shook off that feeling.

I just ran two back-to-back half-marathons. That is SO badass. At this time two years ago, I hadn’t even started running. (Read about how I started running.) At work today, I wore my Erica Sara necklace, sipped from my I <3 Running water bottle and thought about how I took a day off from work and traveled to D.C. to run a race, and realized that I am pretty damn hardcore, and I love it. I’m really proud of myself. I’ve shaken off that feeling of disappointment.

I’ve also done some physical shaking off–I went to the gym today to do an easy half-hour on the elliptical to start shaking some of the soreness out of my legs. Luckily, they’re not too sore. I think my legs are getting used to this craziness I’ve been putting them through.

(P.S.–I updated my race recap page.)


Dinner tonight was courtesy of my mom and the Market Basket. She brought Bailey back, and brought this chicken francese and broccoli. I warmed up some brown rice and had this quick dinner after a little scare that involved walking Bailey a mile to the vet and back.


The gym was giving out coconut water, and I grabbed one and had it with dinner.

7 comments on “Shaking It Out

  1. Ali

    I like your attitude. You SHOULD be proud of yourself, and I love that you’re referring to this crazy span of races as your “Tour de Halves.” You are seriously bad ass, and I’ll gladly tell you every day how proud I am of you and how proud you should be of yourself. Keep up the awesome work — and look forward to taking a break after this weekend!

  2. Emily

    seriously stellar attitude. you can not be disappointed in anything that involves doing back to back (soon to be back to back to back right?!) half marathons. you truly are a running bad ass.

  3. Kristi @ KristiAteIt

    What a great inspiration! I’ve just started to try to get “back into” running. I used to be a runner in highschool, but was never really good at distance. Even though I’m only running little bits at a time, and I feel frusterated, it’s stories like this that make me encouranged. Hey, maybe I’ll be running a half marathon next year! 🙂

    1. Theodora Post author

      Oh, you can totally do it! I went from not running to a half in under a year, and not running to a marathon in about a year and a half. (Although I know there are couch-to-marathon plans that are about 6 months.)


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