Catch-Up and Ketchup

I totally refrained here from making some cheesy “make new friends, but keep the old” comment. You’re welcome.

I thought that being so tired would lead to sleeping in yesterday, but I was wide awake by 8am and a little indignant that I couldn’t sleep in.

Tamsin and I took a walk over to Eastern Market, since I’d only been there a few times when I actually lived in D.C. It was still early and not a lot of vendors were out yet. Maybe they were lucky enough to sleep in. We walked around Eastern Market and then ended up taking a long walk around the Capitol and back–which was actually great for our tired legs.

Since I lived in D.C. for so long, I’d told Tamsin that I didn’t need to sight-see, but walking past some landmarks was still nice this morning.


Library of Congress, where I used to go for work luncheons.


Just some horses chillin’ outside the LoC.




Hey Capitol!

A little FYI from a former political reporter/permanent grammar nerd.

Capitol: the building or group of buildings where a legislative body meets

Capital: a city that serves as a seat of government

You’re welcome.


The cherry blossoms are out! (That’s the Supreme Court in the background.)




Afterwards, I met my old boss at Banana Cafe for brunch. I’d always wanted to go there, mostly because I like bananas. It was great to see her, because she’s someone that’s believed in me long before I believed in myself.


I got pancakes, eggs and home fries and ate about half of this because we were gabbing so much. That’s bananas in syrup on top of the pancakes, and it tastes even better than it sounds.


Before I got on the train, I met up with some more friends at Capitol City Brewing Company. There was a cherry blossom ale on the menu, and I asked for a sample. I was very amused by the tiny little sampling glass. Thumb is for scale.


I got their chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and my bacon on the side.

I had a great time catching up with old and new friends this weekend, but I’m glad to be back in NYC.

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