Let’s Get Social, Social…

After yesterday’s race and brunch, I came back to Tamsin’s and passed out hard. I’m not much of a napper, but after a half-marathon and two beers, I had no trouble sleeping.

Once I had finally rejoined the living, my chauffeur Tamsin and I headed out to Arlington to go to Northside Social, a coffeehouse/wine bar in Clarendon. I remember its previous incarnation as a coffeehouse where I went to catch up on work when my apartment got too distracting.

True to its name, North Social was hopping–at least in our little room of blogger crazies.




Ali and Becky


So I may have broken Liz’s champagne flute. Oops.


Me and Tamsin


Me and Caitlin


Ashley and Ali, my traveling buddies. This may actually be one of the few pictures Ashley and I have together that we aren’t either sweaty or in ballgowns.


Anne, Tamsin and me

(I was very photo-happy.)


Afterwards, Becky, Liz, Ashley, Tamsin and I went to Clarendon Grill for dinner. We started with nachos.


I got a pulled chicken sandwich for dinner. Afterwards, we headed to the Iron Horse in Chinatown, just blocks from my old apartment. We’d all been so excited to go out and not worry about drinking too much for a long run the next morning, but the race wiped us out, and Tamsin and I fought our way through one beer and called it a night–definitely different than when I used to live in D.C.!

4 comments on “Let’s Get Social, Social…

  1. Lizzy

    I loved spending time with you. Sorry about how drunky I got. We.somehow stayed out till 12: 30. Becky is a rock star. Lets find a race under ten miles in New york and Becky and I will come.down! Xoxo


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