Accidentally Epic

Yesterday started off innocent enough.


I brought my lunch–a chicken patty over brown rice with spinach and bruschetta.

After work, Jessie and I headed downstairs for a drink, and then Ashley asked if I wanted to meet up with her, her husband and his friend. We went to a random midtown bar near our offices for a drink and then stopped back here so I could walk Bailey.


Bo loved Bailey.


And then the night took a turn for the epic with some karaoke. Some of us had some late-night McDonald’s, and I felt pretty gross this morning, but I’m powering through. Someone please remind me to never eat McDonald’s again, okay? I feel so incredibly bloated right now. This is a good reminder to me to do some of my strength training today.


I definitely didn’t run this morning, but I got a bagel anyway.

3 comments on “Accidentally Epic

  1. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    Haha, I can totally identify with this post today- last night I ate almost an entire box of Cheez-Its and my stomach was feeling kind of rough this morning. Ironically, I had a bagel, too. Best hangover food!


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