Hurricane Club

After a late night Friday and a relatively busy Saturday, I really didn’t feel like going out last night, but I had plans for dinner with some girlfriends. At a Junior League meeting a few weeks ago, we were talking about Ashley’s blog and how good the Hurricane Club looked when she went there. We pulled out our phones and decided that we’d go last night.

We didn’t plan on the weather being hurricane-like for our dinner at the Hurricane Club. We looked like drowned rats by the time we got there.


I started with a margarita at the bar.


We started with a huge drink to share. It had Ketel One, fresh lime, mint and rhubarb.


What, your drinks don’t have flaming limes?


Or flowers?


Or straws as long as your arm?


We had wanted to try one of their pupu platters to start, but with three out of four of us having different food allergies (gluten, tree nuts, peanuts), we decided that would probably be more trouble than it was worth, so we started with the deviled eggs.


Lacey and Shannon


I ordered some broccoli on the side because I desperately needed vegetables.


I got the curry scallops for my entree. They weren’t very spicy but still tasty.


We switched to the #440–7-tiki spiced rum, pineapple, kiwi and ginger. Both of these drinks were really tasty, but I woke up this morning feeling like I had an inch of sugar on my teeth.


Yeah, I don’t know either.


This morning, I needed a simple, wholesome breakfast. Oatmeal, raspberries and sunflower butter.

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