Wiped Out

After a fun weekend, I am beat.

This afternoon, I walked up to the bike store to try out a few bikes. For those of you who don’t live in NYC, you have no idea how stressful this is. Trying out a bike you’ve never been on NYC streets? There’s no nice, quiet little street or parking lot to test them out on.

I tried out the two I wrote about the other day and the Giant Escape. I’d been hoping to like the Trek the best, since I’d heard so many good things about it, but the Giant Escape is the current frontrunner. It’s also the most expensive. (Of course.) The bike dude said that this was a performance hybrid, and that it was basically as close as a hybrid would get to a road bike. This bike felt light and fast, and I really liked it. My tax refund hasn’t come yet, and the Where’s My Refund site claims it has no idea where it is, so I still have some more time to think about and try out more bikes. I’m definitely ready to buy one soon, though!

After getting off the bike, I went for a three-mile run. After a few nights of fun, the run was not so much fun, and it reminded me that I can’t actually do it all. I can’t party and then expect to have an awesome run.


I rewarded myself with some Pump after the run and then walked home and have been getting stuff done and puttering the rest of the afternoon.


That puttering didn’t involve food shopping, so I ordered sushi. I am meeting Jess for an early morning class at Physique 57 tomorrow, so it’s sleepytime now! Good night!

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