Bye Bye Bailey

Since I’m leaving for Vegas on Wednesday, Bailey is heading out to N.J. to stay with my parents for the rest of the week. They came in tonight to pick him up, bring me some warmer-weather clothes and take home some of my bulky winter clothes.

We went to a neighborhood bar for a quick dinner, and I got crabcakes that came with some veggies/slaw. Everything here was relatively heavy, and I tried to find something on the light side. This entree…


…took the cake.


We came back and my dad helped me hang the medal rack I got for Christmas. I may have to invest in another one soon! I’m already running out of room. (Or maybe I’ll stop running races. Doubtful.)

I miss my little pupper-nutter already, but I’m excited for Vegas.

8 comments on “Bye Bye Bailey

  1. Alison

    My apartment always seems so quiet when my dog isn’t here! She is pretty much like my little shadow, so it feels a bit odd to be alone.

    Hope you and Bailey both enjoy your vacations!


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