Doing Good

There’s been lots of good this weekend.



Doing good for my body and soul having dinner with my high school friend Sara at Westville (and walking there, for a total of five miles of walking yesterday.) I had salmon teryaki with bok choy and we started with roasted butternut squash.

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Doing good for my wallet by getting a free glass of wine for checking in on Foursquare.

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And then doing good for the community by volunteering for Junior League. (They did good for my soul by having bagels and coffee for us in the morning.)

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From 9-3, we pulled weeds and planted bushes in Sara. D. Roosevelt park on the Lower East Side. This is the 20th anniversary of the Playground Improvement Project. I’m not going to lie–doing good for the community also feels great when you’re getting a decent workout through manual labor. (I totally trained for this with that Vipr class.) And spending the day outside with your friends.

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Lunch was good, too. A chicken and avocado sandwich, cookies and a fruit cup.

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And a walk, some snacks and beer with Lacey.

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And then a walk with Bailey once I got home. Yeah, that’s a horse. In Manhattan. And Bailey was barking. I’m not sure whether it was at his shadow or the horse. (Speaking of Bailey, go check out Ali’s blog to see more about his day. They had a date today.)

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And walking past the New York Auto Show and seeing a Jeep roll over a giant ramp.

Tonight, I rest.


6 comments on “Doing Good

  1. Kelly

    Ok, I need to check in to Foursquare more consistently. A free glass of wine just for checking in – how cool! (although I bet restaurants in NYC are more up on the Foursquare specials than here.)

  2. Running Mama

    Nice community work. I’ve been volunteering at the kids school as the lunch/recess duty lady. It’s so fun to interact with the silly kids each Thur & Fri.

    That lunch looks yummy! Love avacado’s on sandwiches.

  3. Denise

    That chicken sammy looked fab! AND I didn’t know checking in on 4Square opened specials! I shall make a point to do that more regularly!

  4. Jayson James

    Great post!

    It always feels great when you did something worthwhile to your community and it makes you feel proud of yourself in some ways. Plus, you can take a walk right after which is a very healthy thing to do. As for me, I normally do it to lose some weight and keep my body fit.


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