Overlapping Training Plans

I was looking at my calendar this morning, and realized it’s full of races.

In addition to the races, I’m also trying to build strength and get my abs a little less flabby and a little more beach-ready.

My question for you: how the hell do I build training plans, both long- and short-term, with so many goals?


I didn’t want to go to the gym this morning, so I did one of Jess’ mini-workouts while watching the royal wedding.


After denying myself the wrap for awhile in the interest of bringing my own food to work, my cravings for it are back in full effect. This one got smushed in my bag, though.

Did you see last night’s post? Do you eat organic? I was thinking about this on my way to work this morning and realized that a few years ago, I was definitely the asshole who asked my friends why the hell they were being such hippies and eating organic. I told them I liked the chemicals in my food, thankyouverymuch. Nowadays, I definitely don’t eat completely organically, but I do make a concerted effort, especially with meat and the tiny amount of dairy I do eat.

11 comments on “Overlapping Training Plans

  1. Liz

    I am the worst at creating training plans and with guaranteed entry into the NYC marathon this year I decided to hire a coach…this will be my first full and I want to kill it!

    I have done that century race a ton of times, it’s great!! They also do one later in the season all along the North Fork, I’m planning on that one as I’m no where ready for Montauk. Let me know if you have any questions!!!


  2. Michelle

    Great question – I’m really curious about the advice other people have, because I also struggle with this. I’m running my first 10K (the Mini 10K)and I have hestitated to give up any of my strength-training days, because I’ve worked so hard. It’s hard to fit in 2 days of strength, 1 of yoga, at least 3 of running alongside other things I enjoy doing, like Zumba, Spinning and Kickboxing. Not enough days in the week!

  3. Dori

    Oh the wrap. I love that wrap. The overlapping goals was always a problem for me, which is why I never trained correctly for my half marathons. I never wanted to give up my strength work, so I didn’t run nearly as much as I should have…

  4. Michelle

    I try to eat organic when I can but I also try not to get to hung up on. 🙂

    I just signed up for the NYC Marathon yesterday! I’m running with Team Hole in the Wall. 🙂 I keep alternating between Yay! and Oh S**t! it will be my first marathon!

  5. Emily

    when i have this many races on my calendar (which is pretty much always) I pick which ones I want to be my A Races and then structure my plan around them so the other races are workouts. I’ll use rando 5k/10k workouts to do tempo runs or easy jogs with friends so I save myself up to hit my goals at the big ones.

  6. Christine

    love your race calendar… let me know your training plan(s)! i am also running healthy kidney, a half in boston at the end of may, the mini 10k, and the portugal run. AND i’m doing pre-training for the next 7 weeks before my real chicago training starts. oy vey! i modified a pre-training plan that takes into account these races while also getting my mileage up and my chicago training in. it’s based on hal higdon’s intermediate II training plan. (right here if you are interested: http://sweetseas.blogspot.com/2011/04/chicago-pre-training-schedule.html).

    happy weekend! xo

  7. Becky

    your training calendar looks surprisingly similar to the one I have for this year! Are you trying to do the 9+1 for next year? I’ve got healthy kidney, mini 10k, and then a bunch in June/July, plus hopefully the Queens half and of course, NYC! Can’t wait!


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