It’s a Good Friday

I haven’t been posting my dinners because I’ve had the same dinner for four nights straight:


The garlic whole-wheat pasta with broccoli rabe and turkey sausage. And cheese. (I’ve given up most dairy, but I just can’t quit cheese.)

I managed to do some form of exercise before work every day this week!

Monday: Physique + 3-mile run

Tuesday: yoga

Wednesday: Physique + 3-mile rurn

Thursday: spin

This morning, I was even up before my alarm. I can seriously count on one hand the number of times in my six-year post-college career that’s happened on a workday. I did some Zen in Your Den on OnDemand this morning before work and 10 minutes of yoga poses on my own after.


And a sunflower butter sandwich. Obviously.

So part of the reason I’m trying to beef up my strength training is to get stronger and faster. But also? I just want to look good in a bikini. Like Tina. She (and quite a few other people) do BodyPump, which I am so curious about.

Picture 100.png

It looks like they have a few of them in NYC, some at Gold’s Gyms and 24-Hour Fitness. Has anyone ever tried it in NYC? Do you just get a guest pass to one of those gyms?

A few random things:

What are you excited about today!?

9 comments on “It’s a Good Friday

  1. Allison

    Impressive on the early morning workouts! I’m trying to do one a week but have failed the past couple. And, I’m excited about the JackRabbit running show – has been fun so far!

  2. Tricia

    I’m dying to find a body pump too I’m on the uws if you take one in NYC please let me know. I want tina’s flat stomach!


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