My Badass Bike


I just got it, but I do <3 my bike.

After a few trips to the bike store, I finally bit the bullet and bought a bike! (Thank god for tax refunds!)

I went with the Giant Dash 3, a performance hybrid. It’s basically as close as a hybrid can get to a road bike without actually being a road bike. Which means it’s comfortable and has straight, not curly bars, but is light and fast.

Riding it home afterwards was absolutely terrifying. Riding down 9th Ave at rush hour? With a heavy purse on my shoulder? I am so glad I didn’t die. I dropped off my purse and headed back out for an 8ish-mile ride to Battery Park and back.


DSC_0367.JPG DSC_0366.JPG

Dog not included.


I asked the nice guy in the bike store what I absolutely couldn’t walk out of the bike store without, and he said all I really needed were lights, if I ever rode at night, and a helmet. I already had a helmet, so I bought the lights. I also bought a water bottle holder (pink, since the bike is blue) and a lock.

Things I didn’t buy immediately but foresee in my future: padded shorts, a rack for the back in case I want to take it grocery shopping.

Things there is no chance in hell I will buy: clips. I am too clumsy to clip in and out.

So since I just dropped a nice wad of cash on this baby, and we’ll be spending a lot of time together, he needs a name. (Yes, I named my cars, too. I had a blue Jeep named Bluebird and a red Volvo named Ruby. So yes, I am that girl.)

And that’s where you come in. Because I love you so much for reading my ramblings everyday, I’m buying you a present. Just one of you, just for suggesting a name for my bike.

I’m sending one winner a $10 Starbucks gift card. You can buy approximately 3 spinach feta wraps with this.

All you have to do is leave a comment suggesting a name for my bike. The only two criteria for the name:

  • It has to start with a B. (Its full name will be B___, the Badass Bike.)
  • It should be a gender-neutral or a male name. Though this bike is for a lady, the bike itself is a dude.

Just leave a comment by 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. I’ll pick the winner Thursday.


107 comments on “My Badass Bike

  1. Julia

    Blog! Duh.

    Can I give you more than one? Bender, Biscuit, or Bart.

    (And my gold Ford Escort station wagon that I drove for all of high school and college was named The Roldgold.)

  2. Sara

    Boo. Everyone needs a boo 😉
    OR Bulgaria. Because it’s an awesome country and there’s no way you could really explain that name to people. Might be a good pickup line…?

  3. Theo

    Perhaps Bronson (along the lines of Charles Bronson)? It means strong, fierce one. Or Bustah (aka Bustah Rhymes dropping some beats).

  4. Emma

    You can’t go wrong with the name, “Buck”

    That’s got a good ring to it don’t you think? Buck, the bad ass bike. Hoorah.

  5. sara

    i’m going to say buck, the badass bike.
    (i’m picturing when toni colletti turns into one of her alters on united states of tara and kicks the crap out of her daughters ex boyfriend. that is pretty badass for a mom to do)

  6. Jeni @ stepping out

    I name my cars too!
    I looked through mostof the comments and didn’t see this…for some reaso the only b name that comes to mindis Bob, so simple yet…I don’t know…hilarious. 🙂

  7. Dave

    Being that I’m an Aussie I’m suggesting:

    “Barry” or our slang for Barry of “Bazza”

    Bazza, the bad arse bike


  8. Raj

    Binga,Binga Badass Bike…..well the orginal meaning of this word is “venga” a spanish word for “come” but since in spanish “v” is pronouced as “b” i think its appropirate as a an encouragement to you to riding the bike and keep fit. what do you think?

  9. Ky G

    Benzo or Bentley (like your Mercedes Benz or Bentley of bikes)
    Brooklyn (isn’t Brooklyn the Badass of NY?! *haha*)

    Nonetheless, have fun in the city with it!

  10. Grumpy


    since it means to hit, which is what that bike’s gonna do to the pavement.

    i mean, you could call it Focker, but that’s taken

  11. Sarah Jayne

    YAYYYY!! Love your bike!! You are going to have SOO much fun on it. As far as additional purchase go, I agree with your list…and you DEF need padded shorts. REAL DEAL ones. I tried to skimp by on wimpy ones that were just padded in the hoo-ha area, and they stink. My tail bone and pelvic area HATESSSS me after anything longer than 15 miles. So get the giant diaper-like shorts. Worth it.

    I hope you and Brock the Badass Bike enjoy your time together. And, fyi, Brock is an Old English word meaning Badger. What is more badass than a badger???

  12. Running Mama

    Good for you!! Congrats on your new bike. I don’t see how you’ll get around in the city on that…isn’t there too many people…double scary! 🙂 I went to N.Y. for the first time in October (loved it), but it was a huge adjustment getting used to the crowds & congestion. I though Phoenix was crowded until I came back home…then I felt like I lived in the middle of no where. It was crazy. Glad you got the lights too…safety first. 😉

  13. Jessica

    Bullet! Because you’ll be faster than a speeding bullet on it for your triathlon!! 🙂

    Nice wheels! I’m jealous (needing a good bike in order to get more into tris myself and would love to have a hybrid like this one!)

  14. Gwen

    My first idea before you even said it had to start with a B was Busta – like Busta Rhymes! “You should have a healthy fear of us, cause too much of us is dangersous!”

  15. Linda


    Top Chef All-Stars champion (so a foodie), and sounds like “Blaze” (in other words, wicked fast). How can you go wrong? 🙂

  16. Katie BNB

    Bruster – like the ice cream place, or Barney – like the butter, or Buzz – like the Toy Story character 🙂

  17. jbird

    Hm… before I read your rules, I was thinking Robin because the shade of blue on your bike is like a Robin’s egg. Also, because it can be feminine or kick-ass hero (like Robin Hood!).

    For B..

    Blair and Bruno would be my top two choices.

  18. Alison McAdam

    I would vote for bobby… It came to my mind first while reading your post. I am still looking for a name for my new bike… it’s cherry red…

    Happy Riding

  19. Denise

    I totally love Bob. Simple and to the point.

    Bob, the Badass Bike.

    My car is Mable
    My hubbys truck is Clark
    my son’s truck is Lewis
    My ford explorer was RubyJean. Then I sold her and got Mable, but I still see RubyJean on the road!

    1. Denise

      @Denise: P.S. I name EVERYTHING! My iPhone is Lola, hubbys is Sam. my laptop is Bella and hubbys is Mike. My Kindle is Lovey. When my hubby gets his Kindle, it will be Thurston.

  20. LauraJayne

    I think it has to be Betsy. With a name like Betsy, how could the bike NOT be badass. It’s kind of like a Boy Named Sue – Betsy HAS to rock it to survive.

  21. Samantha McLennan

    Babs….Everyone calls their significant other babe/baby…I call mine Babs to mix it up! This bike is tots gonna be your babs!

  22. Michelle

    I didn’t read all the comments so someone may have suggested this but Blue Steel! 🙂 Or Batman, because that makes me laugh.


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