Strength-Training Check-In

I’m proud of how I stuck to my workouts last week.

Monday: Physique + 3-mile run

Tuesday: yoga

Wednesday: Physique + 3-mile rurn

Thursday: spin

Friday: yoga

I did nearly 120 minutes of Physique, and I’m going to fudge and add my yoga in to get to my 120 minutes. (While yoga is definitely a strengthening exercise, I’m trying to make myself do more lifting-type strength.)

Saturday I ran the NYRR 4-Mile and had a pretty amazing PR.

The only thing I didn’t accomplish was doing a strength workout, by myself, in the gym.


The Easter Bunny brought me this book:


Kelly swears by it, and she’s looking pretty buff these days, so I wanted to read it. Plus, I need to get over my girlie fear of lifting so that I can pick up guys at the gym/lift like a badass. I’m going to read it this week and start incorporating its workouts into my schedule next week.

My workout plan this week:

Tuesday: Physique + 3-mile run

Wednesday: BIKE RIDE. Outside! I paid for my bike tonight, and I’ll be picking it up tomorrow.

Thursday: Physique + 3-mile run (I got two more free Physique classes, and I want to use them now, before I forget.)

I’m still trying to decide my workouts for the rest of the weekend. I’m volunteering outside all day Saturday, so I may just use that as a rest day/count that as exercise.

Tonight, I was supposed to go to book club, but I wasn’t feeling so hot after a big Italian Easter, so I stayed in with Bailey.

When I got home from work, there were two coconut waters waiting for me from the Bolthouse Farms people. I don’t always say yes to product reviews, but I’m secretly pretty obsessed with coconut water–I probably drink at least 3-4 per week. If you’re not familiar with coconut water, it’s basically nature’s Gatorade. It hydrates and replenishes electrolytes. After my race this weekend, lots of wine on Easter and an upset stomach, I was pretty dehydrated. I guzzled one of these babies when I got home and my headache felt better after a little while. (Dehydration is a major cause of headaches.)


I loved the taste of this coconut water, but it was a little higher in calories and sugar than other ones I’ve tried, so I’d probably save it for after a hard workout.

I had some leftover ziti for dinner and added broccoli to sneak in a serving of veggies.

I need to put away some Easter goodies and get to sleep or I’m never going to get these workouts in. Good night!

10 comments on “Strength-Training Check-In

  1. Running Mama

    Congrats on your PR and for having a great workout week! Keep it up. 🙂 The Easter bunny brought me a new book too, I included it in my latest post. I’ve never tried coconut water but all the buzz is making me curious. BTW, I want that pasta!! :/

  2. Raych

    I absolutely love the looks that I get form guys at the gym when I go into their area of the world. A friend taught me how to use the fancy machines and I get the craziest looks when I’m the only girl and there are a bunch of built guys around me, lifting. I mean, to be fair I only lift half or less of what the guys lift, but I don’t want to be as buff as them anyway, ha ha!

    Great post =]


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