The Tao of a Night Out

All I wanted to do in Vegas was lay by the pool, eat good food and party like a rockstar.

Last night, we ate good food and partied like rockstars.


When trying to pick a location for dinner, we both wanted to go somewhere we couldn’t go in NYC. But most of the great Vegas restaurants are also in NYC. We’d heard a lot about the Vegas Tao, so we decided to give it a try, even though we’ve both been to its NYC counterpart.


And we love any excuse to get dressed up.


When our server told us about his picks on the menu, he mentioned a lobster wonton. Lobster (along with avocado, duck and scallops) is one of the things that I really can’t say no to on a menu. Ashley said my eyes lit up when he said the word “lobster.” This lobster wonton was made with mushrooms in a shiitake ginger broth, and it was amazing.


Our reservation was at 10, but we didn’t sit until close to 11, so when we sat down, we were ravenous and needed two appetizers.


We split three rolls–the Tao Angry Dragon roll with eel, a spicy lobster roll with caviar, and the chef’s roll.


And each had a piece of tuna.


We’d picked up a fistful of passes to clubs from a random near-toothless dude on the street, but we ended up just walking up the stairs to the Tao nightclub to continue our evening.


We made friends.


With bottle service.


And each other. (Not that half-naked waitress, though.)


Ashley is smarter than me. She brought flats for when her feet would inevitably start to hurt.


After a long, much-needed night of sleep, it was nearly lunchtime by the time we were ready to roll. We went to Red, White and Blue, and I had a turkey burger–because I saw the avocado on it.

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