Finally Friday!

I’m psyched for this weekend, so this week has gone by sort of slowly despite having lots of fun stuff going on at night, too.


Last night, after a Junior League event, I met up with Lacey and friends at MXco to celebrate el Cinco de Mayo. I had one margarita and then switched to the Tina creation I mentioned yesterday. It was actually really good! So good that I passed it around the table and made all of my friends try it. I hope nobody was sick or had cooties.


Tomorrow’s fun plans involve wearing a tight dress, so I had my bagel today so that I don’t feel bloated tomorrow. I had a whole wheat everything bagel, and I put sunflower butter on it when I got to work.

By the way, I don’t think I ever shared a pic of my new haircut. What do you think?


I mean, other than I take awkward pics of myself. I saw a picture of Reese Witherspoon while I was getting the highlights done and asked for the haircut to be like hers. Maybe it will help me find a hottie like Ryan Phillipe?

So my awesome plans for the weekend include:

  • a hot (literally) yoga date tonight with Miss Selena, where I will be sweating out margaritas.
  • a brunch and biking date with my long-lost friend Emily (confession: after coming home from margaritas last night, I totally stopped into the garage where my bike is locked up to make sure it was still there. The attendant definitely thought I was crazy.)
  • KENTUCKY DERBY PARTIES (um, hi, an excuse to get prepped out and party in sundresses and hats? Clearly this is one of my favorite days of the year.)
  • Mother’s Day with my family in NJ + a trip to Target

What are you up to this weekend??


3 comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Running Mama

    Finishing moving…tomorrow Big Papa’s finally moving over the big stuff. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to have it all in the new place. I’m sure Mother’s Day will be me organizing frantically to get everything in it’s place. I can’t stand dissorder so I pretty much get it all done the first day or two. Hopefully next weekend will be much more exciting. Oh an I’ll be refocusing on my diet…fell off the wagon (BIG TIME) last night with the family. I was out voted and chip and salsa it was. 🙂


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