A Milestone

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I realized today that my blog hit a million pageviews sometime in the past week or so. (I check the daily stats daily but rarely check the lifetime stats, so it took me a while to realize.)


So I had a glass of wine to celebrate, obviously.

Thanks for sticking around for some weight loss, lots of running, the occasional emotional roller coaster and lots of laughs, and thanks for making this so rewarding.

15 comments on “A Milestone

  1. janet scudieri

    Congradulations, I enjoy reading your blog everyday,since
    your mom told me about it. Your mom is so proud of you,keep
    up the good work, Enjoy your holiday weekend at the shore.

    Moms friend.Janet Scudieri

  2. Martha

    You are inspiring me in your writing and running! I just started to blog my own running story. I think it’s amazing that so many people have been able to hear your voice! Congratulations!


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