A Quiet Day

I decided to skip out on the polo match today. i usually love being really social, but even I need some downtime every once in a while. And quality time with my family.


My mom says hi.


I didn’t feel like the polo match, and I didn’t feel like any sort of intense exercise, but I still wanted some gentle exercise, so we went to the Wyckoff Wildlife Center for a little walk.


And some nature. And all of this is only 23 miles from NYC!


We saw a peacock, and then I couldn’t get that Katy Perry Peacock song out of my head. (Tamsin, I officially hate you for introducing me to that song. Thanks.)



Oh, fine…


But they’re so pretty!


Duck, duck, goose.


Afterwards, we went to Nellie’s for lunch, and I got a turkey burger and sweet potato fries. It was delicious and didn’t taste all that greasy but for some reason made me sick to my stomach. It’s stressful enough being stressed out but it manifesting itself physically is even more frustrating, but a reminder to keep the stress under control.


I had last night’s leftovers for dinner tonight, and they were just as good as the first time around.

Good night!

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