Funemployment: Otto Review + Giveaway Winner!

I’d still rather have a job (seriously, the grass is always greener), but I’m finally putting a little more fun in funemployment. It’s also awesome that I can workout on my own schedule right now, although I’m still trying to work out in the mornings just so that I can beat the heat.

This morning, Coach Marc had four miles on my training plan. I’m “assigned” three strength workouts per week that I can fit in whenever I want, so I decided to try doing one after my run today. (I really like that there’s a specific emphasis on strength training in this plan and hoping I can lean out a little bit while marathon training.)

photo 2.JPG

It was after 9 by the time I started, and it was already incredibly (like 85% incredibly) humid, so my run certainly didn’t come easy to me. I’m also getting a little sick of running my West Side Highway path, but it’s the easiest place to get to quickly with minimal city street running.

photo 3.JPG

The cloud cover actually burned off pretty quickly, and I was seriously struggling by the time I was done.

I stopped at Duane Reade to get some coconut water, since I desperately needed to rehydrate (weirdly enough the sangria I had last night didn’t do it) and came back to my apartment to use the building’s gym to lift. I’m still self-conscious in the weight room, and my apartment gym seems like a nice place to get used to it. I only know a few people in my building, and so I feel like the embarrassment potential is low. Of course, I walked in this morning, and one of those few people was the only person in there with his trainer. I thought of making up some excuse about something I forgot in my apartment, but I stayed and did my workout:

Bench Press 2 x 12 reps (40 pounds)

Squats 2 x 10 reps (20 pounds)

Dips 2 x max (my max was 16)

Calf Raises 2 sets (Inside, Outside, Straight x 15 reps) <–that video is pretty hilarious, but it’s a good demonstration

Back/Shoulder Press 2 x 10 reps

Back Extensions 2 x 15 (I just did them on the ground…)

Running Arms 2 x 25 (I used a 10 pound weight in each arm, and this is my new favorite exercise. I can feel it working my arms and my entire core.)

After sweating out last night’s sangria, I took a quick shower and my mom came over so we could meet Lacey and her mom (who was in town from Missouri) at Otto for lunch. If you have been living under a rock, Otto is Mario Batali’s pizzeria. I’d heard of it, but apparently I’d been living under a rock because I’d never been there.

photo 4.PNG

We sat down, and I checked into Foursquare and saw that I got a free glass of Prosecco with pizza or pasta! Well, okay. If you insist.



Creepiest photo ever. The lighting was really weird in there. From L-R: (I think) some sort of chutney, cherries and honey for the cheeses. Also, apparently I hold my camera really weird.




The moms. There’s a cute photo of the four of us, but it’s on my mom’s camera, which is already back in NJ.


Our cheeses: triple Coach cream, Parmiagano Reggiano, Gorgonzola Dulce



We also got their lentil and cauliflower, which were actually my favorite part of the meal.


I forgot the name of the pizza my mom got, but it had pecorino cheese and an egg–I thought of Meghann and her eggs on pizza.


I got the pizza with proscuitto and arugula. It was good, but a little saltier than I would have liked.

photo 1.JPG

Oh, and last night I went to a panel that some editors from The Onion and Anderson Cooper. Yes, he is one hot silver fox. I was definitely geeking out.

But you really don’t care about any of this. You just want to know if you won a pretty necklace…


I asked for your greatest accomplishments, and I was amazed by all of the wonderful accomplishments you all listed. From the sweet moms who wrote about their kids being their greatest accomplishments to overcoming illness, I smiled reading each and every comment. If you need to smile or a little dose of inspiration, I suggest reading the comments.

And the winner (via the giveaway winner plugin) is!

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 4.20.25 PM.png

Congrats Laura!!! Can you email me ( so we can get you your prize? 😀

6 comments on “Funemployment: Otto Review + Giveaway Winner!

  1. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    Mario does some seriously amazing things with cauliflower (which is one of my favorite veggies to begin with). I crave an amazing cauliflower appetizer I had at Enoteca San Marco…in Vegas. Sigh.

    Looks like a yummy lunch! I’ve never been to Otto, I need to fix that.

  2. FoodCents

    Well, I would have to say I would LOVE to hear more about the panel. The Onion & THE SILVER FOX, all in one – pretty heavenly to me.


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