Damn You Scuba Steve


I’m sorry. I can’t put swim goggles on without thinking of Big Daddy.

This morning, I had another interview (that I think went well) and met Lindsay for lunch at Chelsea Market. We went to Friedman’s Lunch, and I was psyched to see a rice bowl on the menu.

photo (18).JPG

It had edamame, Japanese eggplant, bok choy, carrots and bean sprouts with a sesame lime dressing, and it was amazing.

After the lunch and interview, I trudged home through the humidity to grab my bathing suit and meet Allie at the pool for some swim tips. She was a college swimmer and had coached swimming and saw that I was looking to learn more about swimming so she e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to meet up for a swim. SURE! I love finding new workout buddies. We ended up swimming for about an hour and getting moved back and forth from the slow lane to the medium lane.


Sunglasses hide our awkward goggle lines.

She taught me:

  • how to flip-turn (I used to know this but totally forgot. Also, my nose is now full of water.)
  • how to kick less
  • how to rotate my body while swimming to be a more efficient swimmer. I felt absolutely and totally ridiculous when I first started doing this–all of my strokes felt really exaggerated–but it got a little easier and started to feel more natural by the time we were done, and I can see how it helps you swim faster and more efficiently. It also helps with breathing. Apparently I had been sort of swimming with my head up, so I picked my head up to breathe really weird, but when you rotate like this, you’re sort of rocking through the water, so you have to move your head less to breathe.

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5 comments on “Damn You Scuba Steve

  1. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    That is so amazing to have a friend help you with swimming. I need a swimmer to move near me and face my fear of putting my face in the water.

    BTW great trick on hiding goggle lines with sunglasses…wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell us.


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