Run Like a Girl Race Necklace Giveaway

I wrote about it when I got it, but my marathon necklace remains one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and one that I get so many questions about.



It commemorates one of my life accomplishments I’m most proud of, so it’s a great reminder to have around my neck, especially when things get tough.

My lovely friend Erica just so happens to be the lovely lady who makes these necklaces a reality, and she’d love to share one of her new “Run Like a Girl” necklaces with one of my lucky readers.

run like a girl.jpg

From her site: The necklace features a sterling silver tag which I’ve brushed with a satin finished and engraved with “Run Like a Girl” and a 1/2″ gold filled round disc engraved with 26.2, 13.1 or the distance of your choice. (So it’s not just for marathoners or half-marathoners! If you rocked a 5K, this necklace is for you, too!)

So how do you get your hands one on of these? Each method counts as an entry!

  • Leave a comment telling me what your greatest accomplishment is!
  • Like Erica Sara Designs on Facebook (and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so)
  • Subscribe to my RSS feed (and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so)
  • Like Losing Weight in the City on Facebook (and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so)
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  • Tweet “I run like a girl! Come check out @tblanchfield @ericasara race necklace giveaway!” (and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so!)

This giveaway will be open until 9am EST on June 22! I’ll pick a winner tomorrow! Good luck!

154 comments on “Run Like a Girl Race Necklace Giveaway

  1. Gwen

    I’m so proud of my marathon, but I think my first 10 miler has to be my most proud running moment. It’s where I started!

    Also – I liked both of your pages on FB!

    I already subscribe to your blog, follow you on Twitter and I tweeted!

    I’m your contest stalker today! HA Thanks! <3

  2. Tami Foster

    My greatest accomplishment was training and running a 5K. I have never been a runner. I was always the last to finish when you had to run those dreaded timed mile runs in high school. I made a bucket list of sorts a couple of years ago and that was on the top of the list. At the end of it all I found out that I love to run, especially in the rain! I am not fast by any means but I don’t care as long as I finish.

  3. Jess

    I haven’t run a full marathon yet (January 2012, eek!), but I think I’d get one with 26.2 just to inspire me and help motivate me through training.

  4. Whitney N

    I started running 2 years ago, decided I was going to do an ultra, and did it last year. πŸ™‚ I was fairly proud of myself, and it’s still pretty cool to think I ran 50 miles in one go.

  5. Jen Correa

    My greatest accomplishment was giving birth to my two beautiful children. πŸ™‚ Aside from that, definitely completing my second marathon. I hit the wall very early and barely finished… only thanks to a good friend who jumped in with me.

  6. Becky

    I feel like there are so many different areas you can feel accomplished in. Right now, I am most proud of the fact that I removed myself from a very toxic relationship and am picking myself and living life the way I have always wanted to…and running a marathon was pretty cool!

    I love all of Erica’s pieces. They are the perfect way to commemorate a special accomplishment. I love your necklace…and I would love to win this one!

  7. Reluctant Runner

    My greatest achievement? My daughter. Yeah, I could say my marathon, and the fact that I finished it despite two trips to medical tents along the way and immense pain the final two miles…but I think having my daughter made me want to finish in the face of adversity. I want to be a role model to her, and I had to finish. Now I run, and run races and bring her to show her that she can do whatever it is she sets her mond to, and with strength and determination, she can do anything.

  8. JunieB

    now as far as my greatest accomplishment ( i suspect this is supposed to be activity driven), I am going to have to go with my first full marathon (Jan 2007)

    i trained myself, coming off of health problems (started running to help) and finished all on my own … there were issues of course, not knowign fully what i had gotten myself in to, but 4 years later and about to do marathons 7,8 and 9, that marathon taught me what i am made of, what I strive for every day in all aspects of life (perseverance and patience) and ive never been healthier!!!

    Oh and finishing Chicago 2010 in that heat wave was also a great accomplishment for me!!!!


    1. Theodora Post author

      @JunieB: wow, congrats! And yeah…a marathon in and of itself is an accomplishment but Chicago 2010 was a special beast.

  9. Gabrielle Garza

    I ran in the LA Marathon this year and hit my goal time, but I think the greater accomplishment was training for it in the winter, those snowing long runs alone can be very rough!!

  10. Aubrie

    I tweeted I run like a girl! Also, my greatest accomplishment would have to be surviving on my own right out of college in NYC. Proving to myself that I could follow my dreams and make it by gave me the confidence to pursue so many other goals.

  11. Katie K

    I love these and have been thinking about buying one for myself! My greatest accomplishment so far has been running the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon two weeks ago. I trained for and participated in the race through Team In Training. Before heading out to San Diego for the race, I had to raise $3,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. When I first began the program in January, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but a few hours before my deadline I passed over that $3,000 mark! As great as it felt crossing that finish line, it felt even better to see all the cancer survivors and fighters out there on the course cheering on everyone in purple. I’m already itching to get back out there running with the Team and am hoping to run my second half marathon in the fall!

  12. Katie K

    And finally, I liked Losing Weight In the City on Facebook! Whew!

    I’m loving reading all of the responses of other’s greatest achievements!

  13. Elizabeth

    My “race bling” from Erica Sara Designs is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry! I bought the small gold necklace after running my first marathon and get so many compliments on it. It’s, um, a wee bit more subtle than walking around with my giant medal hanging around my neck.

  14. Pet

    I’ve never considered myself a runner. I’ve tried it so many times in the past: trail, track, road. Slow, fast. Early in the morning, late at night. Bad equipment, good equipment. Alone, with friends. I’ve always hated it. I’d resigned to the fact that – even though I knew that running was good for me and my weight loss goals – I’d just never be a runner. Running was for everybody else, just not for me.

    I kept pushing. I kept trying. I don’t know when exactly it happened, but there was this one moment when running and I, we just clicked. When it became my passion, my drug, my oxygen.

    I still consider myself a novice. I’m still slow and I can’t go as fast as everybody else, but running has become such an integral part of my life that I’m shaking my head at myself now and am wondering how I could not have liked it in the past.

    I’m signed up for my first race: a 5k in October. I’m ridiculously excited and while I know that I can run the distance, I will keep training throughout the summer to work on my time. Last week I broke my PR for pace and while signing up for a race and breaking a PR are great accomplishments, for me personally, the greatest accomplishment has become that I’ve managed to discover my love for running in the first place.

  15. Michelle

    My biggest accomplishment was finishing the NYC Half marathon in March! I never ever thought that was something I would do in a million years and now i’m running the full in November!

  16. Jamie

    My biggest accomplishment is raising my son. As far as fitness wise accomplishments, so far my longest run is a 5K. I have been getting faster though and will conquer the 10K next. Maybe someday I will go for a half. I can honestly say that at this point, I don’t even want to run a marathon. Props to all of you ladies who conquer that distance though!

  17. Rachel

    One of my two greatest life accomplishments is the same as yours, completing the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10. The other is getting into my PhD Program.

  18. Nazeefa

    My greatest accomplishment is that I climbed Mount Snowdon (highest mountain in Wales) last year. But the best part was when I reached at top of the mountain, was really happy πŸ˜€ I also raised money for Children’s Hospital.

  19. Amanda

    My greatest accomplishment thus far is losing 65 pounds.

    I want to run a half marathon (I’ve done several 5Ks and a 4 mile run) in 2012 (somewhere fun so I need to plan a vacation around it).

  20. Ann Brennan

    My greatest accomplishment though I have run a baker’s dozen marathons and a fifty miles and a bunch of triathlons, has been following my dream of being a writer. Four years ago I started pursuing a career in writing and last year, for the first time I got a paid job. Since then I have been a busy busy girl but every time I think about it I am just so happy to have followed my dream.

  21. Laurel

    Took a half hour off my marathon time to qualify for Boston at the 2009 NYC Marathon! You know how excited I was, Teddyβ€”you were there at the end! πŸ™‚

  22. Emilie

    The past year has been my biggest accomplishment! I moved to New York City, became financially independent (and debt free!), ran my first marathon, signed up for my first triathlon this fall, lost 25 pounds and pledged to finish an ironman before I turn 30. And I get the feeling it’s only just begun.

  23. Lauren

    I am absolutely in love with this necklace!! I think my greatest accomplishment changes at different parts of my life (though I guess that’s the way it should be, right?) Right now, I’d say my greatest, most recent running accomplishments are breaking 3:20 in the marathon and running a sub-20 minute 5K. These are both big goals I’ve had for awhile!

  24. Elizabeth

    I’m proud of the healthy changes I’ve made in my life over the past year and that I can be a healthy example to my children.

  25. Nina

    Yay! I love this necklace!

    I liked you and Erica on Facebook.
    I already follow you on twitter.
    I tweeted that I run like a girl.

  26. Christina

    Finishing my first marathon in Nov and coming in under 4 hours in my second in May are two of my biggest accomplishments πŸ™‚

  27. Stacey Caine


    I’m combining all of mine in one “comment” to hopefully save space/time for you. πŸ™‚

    Greatest Accomplishment: Running the Pittsburgh Half. I am also signed up for the Columbus marathon, and I can’t wait until I can say my greatest accomplishment is finishing a full marathon! I still cannot believe I’m a runner. πŸ™‚

    I went ahead and liked Erica Sara Designs on Facebook…I LOVE her things!

    I subscribed to your RSS feed to not miss a post!

    I’ve already liked Losing Weight in the City on Facebook, but here’s a comment to let you know that, as well. πŸ™‚

    You are now Followed on Twitter.

    And! I just tweeted β€œI run like a girl! Come check out @tblanchfield @ericasara race necklace giveaway!”.

    Phew! 6 entries for me!

  28. Leslie @ The running chasqui

    I tweeted about your contest. I also liked your friends page, and I already like yours. My greatest accomplishment is that I have kept the 10 lbs I lost for my wedding off. Running ofcourse has helped me maintain my goal weight! Good luck to all the participants!

  29. Jess

    My greatest accomplishment was running my first marathon nearly five years ago and then breaking my PR by more than 30 minutes last year.

  30. Stefanie

    My biggest accomplishment to date is running my first-ever 5k just a few months ago, after years of being a couch potato. Next step is the Army 10-miler!

  31. Tracey

    I liked Erica Sara designs on Facebook
    I follow you on twitter and ‘like’ Losing weight in the city on facebook as well

    And my greatest accomplishment is completing a half marathon less than a year after I started running. Less than a year earlier I was 60lbs heavier and couldn’t run 1/4 mile; the moment I crossed that finish line at Disney I realized a lifelong dream!

  32. Alyssa

    Love Love Love your blog! I followed on Twitter (@alyssatwomey ) and liked you on Facebook (Alyssa Twomey) and Erica Sara Designs on Facebook (same).

    My greatest accomplishment has been losing 65lbs (so far), running my first 5K (30:04!) and training for my first two 10Ks.

  33. Nicola

    My greatest sporting achievement is completing the Bridge to Brisbane fun run in Australia. It is a 10km event and my aim was to do it in under 100 minutes. I completed it in around 85 minutes and enjoyed every bit. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so encouraging. I am now aiming to do the Surf to City fun run in Invercargill, New Zealand in February which is a 12km event. Should have plenty of time to train for that one. Cant wait!!

  34. Carol Blanchfield

    My daughter is my greatest accomplishment and let me tell you why, I have a wonderful, amazing, loving, giving fun to
    be with daughter, To be blessed with a daughter that has shown me how to not be afraid to live my life (or drive to New York) or Fly to Chicago or take a train to Washington DC in the middle of the night.
    Being a mother to Theodora is my greatest accomplishment and gift!!!!

  35. Monica

    My greatest accomplishment is having 3 kids, 1 husband :), 1 dog, a full time job at home w/ those 3 kids & dog AND finding time to run/exercise amongst all that chaos! πŸ™‚

  36. Tiffany Huan

    I liked Erica Sara designs on Facebook, I also liked Losing weight in the city on facebook!

    And my greatest accomplishment is running my half marathon in 2:14:58! I never thought I would be able to do so! I am now signed up for 3 other races this upcoming year ! πŸ™‚

  37. Allison

    My biggest accomplishment to date has been recently graduating from college and obtaining a teaching position at a local middle school… I will begin teaching severe special education in September!

    My future biggest accomplishment will be completing the Baltimore half-marathon in October… I began training for my first full marathon (no prior running experience) about 2 1/2 years ago but I started feeling really ill and eventually I was diagnosed with Lupus and iron-deficiency anemia. I recently began running again (overcame my fear that running triggered flare-ups) and I love the rush I get during and post run- definitely a major staple in my life!

  38. Britney

    My greatest accomplishment might be completing a half marathon! I went from a complete non-runner to someone who completed 13.1 miles in just under a year. Not too long ago I would have thought this to be impossible.

  39. Heather

    I think my greatest accomplishment to date is starting running and actually enjoying it! I’m working towards a half marathon next year and I can’t wait!

  40. deb

    love the necklace!

    love your blog – and like it on facebook.

    liked Erica sara designs on facebook too!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!! fun stuff!!

  41. Stephanie

    ok i followed you on twitter and tweeted; i liked you and erica on facebook; i subscribed to your RSS feed. most amazing accomplishment winning third in a 5 miler in my age group

  42. angie

    I have already subscribed to your RSS feed ( love your blog!), as well as liked you on facebook. My greatest accomplishment would have to be running a marathon. I have run 5 altogether now, and want to run my 6th after having my baby in August. ( I want to start training a couple of months after the birth and run one in the spring of summer of 2012.

  43. Sara

    I love love love this necklace! I ran the Chicago Marathon with you last year and will be running it again this year. πŸ™‚

    My biggest accomplishment is graduating college and then moving back to Chicago to get out of an unhealthy relationship.


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