Just What I Needed

Yesterday was not an awesome day, and I was struggling. (For other reasons, too.)

I was g-chatting with my girl Kendyl and she sensed that I needed some sort of distraction.


So I headed down to the West Village to meet her at the Comedy Cellar for a free comedy show. We saw William Stephenson (pictured above), Gregg Rogell, David Baker, Keith Robinson, Tom Papa, Eddie Ifft and Robert Kelly. I can’t say I knew who any of these people were before, but Kendyl says she saw Judah Friedlander here before he was on 30 Rock, so you never know. After an hour and a half of belly laughing, I left feeling much better. (And incredibly thankful for having an awesome friend like Kendyl.)

I’ve been waking up and heading straight for e-mail to get stuff done the past few weeks, but I woke up this morning and took Bailey for a long walk to the water and to a riverside dog park. I left my phone at home and unplugged for a little while, and it was glorious.


I came back and made some cookie dough oats and coffee and am back to work at some serious interview follow-up.

5 comments on “Just What I Needed

  1. Liz

    LOVE being unplugged! Hang in there with everything, you have a great attitude about things!

    Question – I’m directionally challenged – do you heat the cookie dough oats? No, right? I’m going to try these tomorrow, I’m excited!

    1. Theodora Post author

      I’m sorry for not answering this! No, I don’t heat the cookie dough oats. They’re eaten raw.

  2. Sam @ Mom At The Barre

    I love the Comedy Cellar,I always have a good time whenever I go there, and I’m glad your friend took you there. Great place to decompress!

    Good luck with the interviews. I know it’s tough but hang in there


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