Mixing Business and Pleasure


Barely more than 24 hours after getting laid off, I had a networking lunch. I met the awesome Natasha, the voice behind the Physique 57 social media presences, for lunch at Local in SoHo. Before joining Physique, she did social media consulting, so I asked her advice and told her what an awesome job she does with Physique’s social media presence. We both chose the same sandwich–turkey with avocado, bacon and goodness.

It’s a gorgeous day in NYC, so I rode my bike down to meet her, about three miles. I made it there alive! I was shocked. I was also shocked to see, when I finished lunch, that my bike was still there. I locked it up, but I’ve heard horror stories of people’s bikes being stolen in NYC. To get there, I rode through the streets, because it was fastest. On my way back, I took a more leisurely route going across West Houston to the water.


West Houston looking east.


Why does this look so blurry?


Oh, right. I had my lens on manual focus.


Tonight I have my Junior League End of the Year party, so no more blogging today! Or really, for quite some time tomorrow either.

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