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Physique 57 at BlogHer + GIVEAWAY!

One of my absolute favorite workouts in New York is a Physique 57 class.

I first tried Physique last year and fell in love. The class moves really quickly, and before you know it, you’re almost done and doing the cool-down. My wallet is thankful that the studio is not right around the corner from me, or I would go a lot more than I do.

So when Ashley said she was setting up something with Physique and Well + Good for BlogHer, I was psyched.

All photos courtesy of wellandgoodnyc.com.



They could have given us any instructor, but we got to take a class from Tanya Becker, the founder. She had twins just a few months ago but still looks amazing.

I’ve taken Physique a handful of times, but this was the hardest class I’d ever taken there. I don’t remember the class as being slow, but I certainly don’t remember all the intervals we did this time. Meghann and I had run 5 miles in the morning and my legs were exhausted, so they started quivering quickly.


Oh, and Tanya and I had the same shirt on. I got mine hemmed because I had a short torso.

For a girl who moved to the city overweight, working a boring job and not knowing anyone four years ago, I had to pinch myself that I was getting to take a private class with a bunch of other bloggers with the founders of one of the hot fitness studios.

Great, you say. I don’t live in New York, and I can’t do this fancypants class you talk about.

Well! I have a giveaway for you. Just leave a comment below telling me what you’d like to see more of on this blog (or less of), and you can win a copy of The Physique 57 Solution, their book which has a two-week meal plan and detailed instructions for all of their exercises–AND a copy of the Physique 57 DVD, second edition. (Ballet barre not included.)

Bonus entries:

  • Tweet this post, mentioning: @tblanchfield, @physique57 and using this link: http://bit.ly/Qy9jTD. Come back, comment that you’ve tweeted.
  • Pin this post to one of your Pinterest boards; Come back, comment to let me know you’ve done so.
This contest is open until 11:59 PM PDT on 8/7/12.

Mixing Business and Pleasure


Barely more than 24 hours after getting laid off, I had a networking lunch. I met the awesome Natasha, the voice behind the Physique 57 social media presences, for lunch at Local in SoHo. Before joining Physique, she did social media consulting, so I asked her advice and told her what an awesome job she does with Physique’s social media presence. We both chose the same sandwich–turkey with avocado, bacon and goodness.

It’s a gorgeous day in NYC, so I rode my bike down to meet her, about three miles. I made it there alive! I was shocked. I was also shocked to see, when I finished lunch, that my bike was still there. I locked it up, but I’ve heard horror stories of people’s bikes being stolen in NYC. To get there, I rode through the streets, because it was fastest. On my way back, I took a more leisurely route going across West Houston to the water.


West Houston looking east.


Why does this look so blurry?


Oh, right. I had my lens on manual focus.


Tonight I have my Junior League End of the Year party, so no more blogging today! Or really, for quite some time tomorrow either.