NYC Marathon Kick-Off

This weekend, hearing Ali and Emily talking about their current training, I started longing to be training for something again. (By the way, if you don’t already read Emily’s blog, you should. She’s training for a freaking Ironman. She took an early bus back to D.C. this morning so she could get a 100-mile bike ride in for her training. Talk about inspiring.)

Now, there’s quite a few reasons training for a marathon sucks, but finishing a 20-mile run is so incredibly satisfying, not to mention finishing the damn thing.

As Ashley and I walked to brunch yesterday, she said that she thought we should call yesterday’s run the beginning of our training season for the NYC Marathon–and I loved that idea. I’ll officially start training on July 1, but I’m going to do one 6-miler a week between now and then. I’m also going to recommit to my triathlon training schedule so that I can feel as strong on July 23 as I did yesterday.

I was feeling incredibly burned out from running after running three half marathons in a month, and I’ve definitely eased back on running since then, but I am so ready to start training again.


So I’m just going to start carb loading now. (I know I said I was going to cut back on wheat products a bit, but I’m trying get rid of some of the ones I have on hand first.)

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