Mini 10K Race Weekend

For all the excitement and people in town for the race this weekend, you would think we were running a marathon or at least a half-marathon, but nope, just a 10K.

On Friday night, we carb-loaded.


Me and Ali


Ashley, me, Ali, Emily, Lizzy and Becky


Serafina on Urbanspoon

We went to Serafina because it was centrally located for both me and Ali and had a reservation available for a large group the day before–no other reason. With those low expectations, it was surprisingly not bad. I got the gnocchi with tomatoes. Lizzy and Becky were staying with me and we came back after dinner and went to sleep pretty early to wake up for the race.

photo 1.JPG

We all met up in front of the Time Warner Center pre-race.

photo 2.JPG

Once again, Tina and I were in the same corral, so we took a pre-race corral shot. (Pre-More/Fitness Half; Pre-National Half.)

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

The Mini 10K starts in Columbus Circle and goes up Central Park West to 92nd before entering the park there. I ran it last year, too, and both years the corrals were packed. It’s a women’s-only race, which is sort of cool. This was the 40th year the race had been run. It was founded in 1972 by Fred Lebow, who also founded the NYC Marathon. He had wanted to host a “mini marathon” just for women, and named it after the miniskirt because they were in fashion then.

I’ve been running a little less in the past few months because I felt burned out after all those half-marathons, so I wasn’t expecting much yesterday. After my crappy experience at the Healthy Kidney 10K, I just wanted a decent race. I decided to rock out with headphones so that I could block out everything on my mind. As I’ve been getting faster lately, I’ve been getting a little bit cocky and I seem to always go out too fast now. I used to be really good with pacing myself to go out slow and then give a big push closer to the end. I did my first mile at 8:45 despite trying to keep it slow. I was feeling strong and thought maybe I’d continue to feel that way and get some epic PR. While I never hurt too much, I also didn’t keep that pace up. I couldn’t remember whether my 10K PR was 57:00 or 58:00, so I decided to pretend it was the lower one and shoot for that. (Turns out it was 58:00.) I took two margarita shot bloks at mile 3 and one more at the start of mile 5 to give me the push I needed to get to the end. As I started mile 5, I thought maybe I could finish in under 56:00, but I ended up finishing in 56:51, a 9:10 pace (or an 8:57 pace according to my watch, which said I ran 6.35.)

photo 1.JPG

Afterwards, we went to Whym for a blogger breakfast organized by Christy.

photo 2.JPG

Beer at 10am? Why not?

photo 3.JPG

Lizzy and Becky

photo 4.JPG

I got one of the breakfast specials–salmon and cream cheese on pretzel bread with sweet potato fries. It was good but really salty. (Or maybe it just tasted so salty because I was so dehydrated from running in the extreme humidity.)

Afterwards, Becky and Lizzy and I came back to my apartment and crashed for a few hours before going to meet up with Tina and Mal and some of their friends at Barrow Street Ale house. I don’t have any pictures, but we drank beer. You know what beer looks like.


We went to Blue Ribbon Sushi (which always reminds me of Emily and our first friend date there) for dinner afterwards.


I got a lobster roll…


and we all split this platter of sushi.

After dinner, I went to Emily’s birthday, too, so this morning, this happened:


Egg and cheese on an everything bagel.

I’m tired.

20 comments on “Mini 10K Race Weekend

  1. Lizzy

    Theodora…I had so much fun with you! Thanks for hosting! I miss bailey! Now come visit me and we can get you that 159. Ps I want my cheese. Especially now. Hehe. Hope you are feeling better. Love you!

  2. Cait @ Beyond Bananas

    Looks like a really fun race! I’ve enjoyed reading everyones recaps.. and am thinking that I’d really like to run a race in the city!!

  3. Laurie

    Looks like you guys all had a blast. Congrats on the run, what a nice time (time meaning minutes as opposed to having a great time) 🙂

  4. Dorry

    Congrats on finishing ANOTHER race! So awesome. I’d LOVE to run a race in NYC one of these days. 🙂 Gorgeous photos of you in this post!

  5. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    I read most of your blogs, but I never get tired of seeing these pre-race/race pics — looks like you guys had a great time! Very interesting to see each perspective on the race — it is clear that even on the same course, no two people have the same race.

    Also, I think everything should be on pretzel bread.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Sarah Jayne: Thanks! It’s actually a romper. What you can’t see is that I was also wearing a bracelet with a dog charm. When I have Bailey with me in this getup, it’s all a little ridiculous.

  6. Jen Correa

    Hey! I met you for a second at the beginning of the race. Sorry if I interrupted you and the other bloggers. Ran near you for the first mile or so. Question though… the camelback doesn’t bother you when it moves around while you are running? Anyway, great race but so humid. I PR-ed with 55:48 🙂

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Jen Correa: OMG, no! You didn’t interrupt! It was great to meet you! And as far as the Camelbak…it does chafe me and the moving bothers me a bit at first but then I get used to it. I do need to adjust it to a better fit so these things don’t happen…

      1. Jen Correa

        @Theodora: Cool. Thanks i was just curious. Re: meeting – I felt like a weird stalker saying hello. Like hi, I read about your life every day but you don’t know me. Talk to me like we are BFFS. lol

  7. Allie

    Congrats on a great race time! Also, I love your Scottie shirt … where’s it from? I have a terrier, so I love all things with a terrier print.


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