A Steamy Night

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Today, I had an interview and when I walked into my apartment, Tina was there! Within two minutes, we each had John Dalys in hand. Every interview should end with one of your favorite people visiting from out of town and some Firefly vodka. We chatted for a bit before heading out to Birreria to meet up with Gabriela and Ashley for dinner.


We climbed fourteen flights of stairs to get to dinner. (Or, um, took the elevator and climbed one flight. Same thing.)



Two of my favorite things.


I got a Southern Tier Hop Sun.


Birreria is an awesome restaurant and brewery 14 floors up from the craziness of Eataly. Heat rises, so it was really hot. Like, so hot that I wiped my sweat off the chair as we left because I felt bad for the waiter. I keep it classy, what can I say?

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We started with some bread and olive oil.


Everyone else got salad, but I went straight for the pork chop. It. was. amazing.


If I hang out with bloggers taking photos of food, I will take photos of them. Get used to it.


Afterwards, we wound down with one more glass of wine at Wined Up before walking back about 1.5 miles to my apartment to walk off some of the wine to make tomorrow’s run a little less painful.

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  1. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    I loved seeing you last night! We really do need to start setting up more frequent blogger dinner nights. There are so many places I want to try in the city and I feel like no one appreciates them quite as much as food bloggers…


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