Sweating With Friends

Last night walking back from dinner, Tina and I had a talk about how running makes us more responsible. We had seven miles planned for today, so we knew that there was no way we could continue drinking wine and still run. We were in bed by around 11:30 and up around 5:30 to meet Ali in Central Park for a run.


Tina and I ran a mile up to Central Park, and ran 2 miles to the reservoir path, hoping we’d find Ali. We started around the reservoir, and I saw a familiar sweaty girl standing, looking confused on the bridle path.


I know her!

We took off and ran a chatty, sweaty lap with Ali before parting ways. As you may already know if you read her blog, Ali is a speed demon. I’m sure she slowed down a bit to run with us, but I still felt like I was flying running with her.


Sweaty girls.

Any time I’ve run the reservoir before, I’ve always exited closer to Columbus Circle, but exited on the northwest side, and continued running north on the bridle path. After running for about another mile or so (my Garmin died so I’m not really sure), I told Tina I was pretty sure we were at 6-7 and were near Columbus Circle and we could start walking. We walked about two blocks before I saw Central Park West and 100th Street, realized I was completely turned around and we got on the subway.


Will run for bagels.


Tina and I are blogging right now, while Bailey helps.


By helps, I mean naps.

14 comments on “Sweating With Friends

  1. Ali

    Hahaha. Thanks for all your “help” Bailey.

    Also, yes, I was standing there “looking confused” because I was about to dig a grave for my phone. Thanks for finding me.

    Loved running with you both this morning! You should kidnap Tina so she has to stay in NYC and we can all do it again. Get to work on that. Maybe Bailey can “help.”

  2. Sophie

    I love that running made you be responsible!
    That sounds a lot like me sometimes πŸ˜›
    I’ve only recently started reading your blog and I’m loving it πŸ™‚

  3. Michelle

    Hahahahha. Whenever I work from home I call my dog the “furry interns.” Today I told them they were bad interns because they slept all day. In true intern style they did perk up when I had food though. πŸ˜‰

  4. fran

    This is so true about running.. I can not go out and hang late night if I know I have to do 6-7 miles… helps me stay healthy..


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