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The Furry Little Heart Outside My Body

As usual, I have a ton of blog post topics swirling around in my head, but right now, there’s only one thing I can write about, because there’s only one thing I’m thinking about right now.


This little dude.

I went to take him for a walk today, and he was limping on one of his little legs. Carla often calls her daughter her “heart outside her body,” and that is exactly how I feel about my little dog.

I saw him limp, and my heart broke for him. I was so worried, and I picked up all 22 pounds of him to protect him from putting weight on the leg that was obviously hurting him. He broke a leg as a puppy, so although I’ve heard that sometimes dogs get random limps that are gone a few hours later, I wasn’t taking any chances and took his little butt straight to the vet, where a few tears slipped down my face as he gave me the saddest little puppy face.

The vet called us into an exam room, and I tried to let him walk on it a bit and he fell onto his side because he wouldn’t put weight on that foot. They gave him pain meds, and they told me to bring him back tomorrow for x-rays if he was still in pain. They’re also testing him for Lyme disease, since he was just in N.J. He does still seem to be uncomfortable, so I’m taking him in first thing tomorrow morning.

He’s 6.5 years old, and he’s been with me through multiple moves and all the ups and downs of the past 6.5 years and is always there with some puppy kisses after a long day. I know he’ll be fine, but I can’t help but worry myself sick about him.

I’m pretty sure that means if I worry this much about my little dog, I’ve already turned into my mom.

Are you a crazy dog lady too? Do you worry yourself sick about your sweet little furry friends? Tell me about your furry friends. Or share funny animal videos with me.

Happy 6th Birthday Bailey!


This little lovebug turns SIX today! I can’t believe how tiny he was. He weighed just three pounds when I got him six years ago.

As I walked him tonight, I thought about what I’d write about him. I thought about maybe writing lessons I’ve learned from him or about how my life has changed since I got him, but all that seemed overwrought and unnecessary for a simple little guy.

Happiness. He brings me lots of happiness, and he came into my life at a time when I was depressed and unable to find my own happiness, and he’s been there for all of the highs and lows since then, including before the marathon last year.



And after.

Being a single dog owner in NYC is not the easiest, but I wouldn’t trade any of that occasional inconvenience for the world. (And I’m incredibly lucky to have parents nearby who love him and can take care of him for a few days when things get a bit too crazy for me.)


We’ve come a long way from when he broke his little leg as a puppy.


Uh, both of us.


He leads a rough life, what can I say?


He also enjoys a nice cocktail al fresco.

I love him so much, and I’m really glad he’s going to live forever.

Are you a dog person? Tell me about your dog, or send me links to pics of him/her…or just other cute dogs.