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Happy Birthday Bailey!!

Five years ago today, my sweet little dog Bailey was born. I got him when he was just a little pup, so we’ve had almost five years of memories together. (Okay, he probably doesn’t remember any of it. He is a dog.)

I was only 23 years old when I got him, so I’ve obviously changed a lot since I got him. At the time, I was going out and staying out late every night after work. Obviously, I had to tame that when I got him so I could take care of him, and I did it without blinking an eye. He’s brought me a few tears and a few screams of frustration when he was a puppy, but this 20 pounds of lhasa-poo has brought me so much happiness and love and has made me a more caring person.

(Also, according to Emily, I can’t walk past a dog now without smiling. Fair enough.)

I try to keep the gratuitous pictures of Bailey on my blog to a minimum, but in honor of his birthday, here are quite a few Bailey pictures!

little bailey.jpg

Puppy’s first Christmas.

bailey cast.jpg

Umm. Yeah. He broke his leg when he was a puppy. He fell off a chair on Christmas Eve. I’m pretty sure I cried harder than him on the way to the vet. He had to have this cast on for about three weeks, but by the way he jumps today, you’d never know he broke his little leg.

bailey cast1.jpg

Yes, the cast was half the size of him, and yes, he got bigger and I got smaller.

Screen shot 2011-10-09 at 7.49.21 AM.png

bailey birthday.jpg

Pretty much my favorite picture of him ever. My parents sent me this last year when I was running the marathon.


bailey beach.jpg

bailey r.jpg

bailey y.jpg

bailey santa.jpg

Santa Paws!

Lazy bailey.jpg  

His favorite hobby.

How am I celebrating his fifth birthday? (You know I am.) Taking him to a dog costume parade later (probably not his idea of birthday fun…) and then my parents are coming in to see him!

So, am I totally ridiculous, or would you/do you celebrate your dog’s birthday, too? If you have a dog, what kind? If not, if you could get any kind, what kind would you get?

Sweating With Friends

Last night walking back from dinner, Tina and I had a talk about how running makes us more responsible. We had seven miles planned for today, so we knew that there was no way we could continue drinking wine and still run. We were in bed by around 11:30 and up around 5:30 to meet Ali in Central Park for a run.


Tina and I ran a mile up to Central Park, and ran 2 miles to the reservoir path, hoping we’d find Ali. We started around the reservoir, and I saw a familiar sweaty girl standing, looking confused on the bridle path.


I know her!

We took off and ran a chatty, sweaty lap with Ali before parting ways. As you may already know if you read her blog, Ali is a speed demon. I’m sure she slowed down a bit to run with us, but I still felt like I was flying running with her.


Sweaty girls.

Any time I’ve run the reservoir before, I’ve always exited closer to Columbus Circle, but exited on the northwest side, and continued running north on the bridle path. After running for about another mile or so (my Garmin died so I’m not really sure), I told Tina I was pretty sure we were at 6-7 and were near Columbus Circle and we could start walking. We walked about two blocks before I saw Central Park West and 100th Street, realized I was completely turned around and we got on the subway.


Will run for bagels.


Tina and I are blogging right now, while Bailey helps.


By helps, I mean naps.