Happy 6th Birthday Bailey!


This little lovebug turns SIX today! I can’t believe how tiny he was. He weighed just three pounds when I got him six years ago.

As I walked him tonight, I thought about what I’d write about him. I thought about maybe writing lessons I’ve learned from him or about how my life has changed since I got him, but all that seemed overwrought and unnecessary for a simple little guy.

Happiness. He brings me lots of happiness, and he came into my life at a time when I was depressed and unable to find my own happiness, and he’s been there for all of the highs and lows since then, including before the marathon last year.



And after.

Being a single dog owner in NYC is not the easiest, but I wouldn’t trade any of that occasional inconvenience for the world. (And I’m incredibly lucky to have parents nearby who love him and can take care of him for a few days when things get a bit too crazy for me.)


We’ve come a long way from when he broke his little leg as a puppy.


Uh, both of us.


He leads a rough life, what can I say?


He also enjoys a nice cocktail al fresco.

I love him so much, and I’m really glad he’s going to live forever.

Are you a dog person? Tell me about your dog, or send me links to pics of him/her…or just other cute dogs.

34 comments on “Happy 6th Birthday Bailey!

  1. Laura

    What a lovely post! Happy birthday to Bailey! He seems like a great dog and is lucky to have an owner who loves him so much.

    I have a nearly 4-year-old (!!) dog named Max. I think he’s a mix of dachshund, jack russell and maybe even lab. He’s pretty much the best dog ever and like you, I’m glad he’s going to live forever.

  2. Farah

    Bailey is SO cute! I am a HUGE dog person and can totally relate to the amount of joy a dog can bring. I adopted my pup Folly in NYC, from Biscuits and Bath in Tribeca. That was 2.5 years ago and she’s been with me ever since…seen me laugh, cry, stress out and come home worn out – and she’s loved me through it all:) Doesn’t matter if I’m gone for a while or just taking the trash out – she’ll always come running to the door with her little tail wagging 🙂 I live near Boston now but go back down to NYC pretty often and she always comes with me – back to her old stomping grounds! (Probably looking forward to moving back like me!)
    Anyway, I’ve posted pictures of her on my blog – under the tab called Folly, so feel free to check them out!
    Happy B-Day to Bailey!

  3. Jen

    So sweet and so true! Bailey is adorable 🙂

    Just hit a year since adopting my dog (a nearly-four-year-old long haired chihuahua) and he’s brought so much happiness into my life. Luckily I have a bit of help from my boyfriend, but it’s still tough since he’s scared of strangers and we like to travel so we have to figure out all sorts of arrangements for him (and take him with us!). But it’s so worth it! Here’s the lazy guy, , sleeping.

  4. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    Aww, happy birthday Bailey! May all of your birthday wishes come true!!

    I adopted my pup, a sweet little mini dachshund, from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals when she was 2 1/2, so I am a bit jealous to see those puppy pictures. I have always wondered what my Audrey looked like when she was a baby!

    And yes, having a dog is the best! I also live alone, and it is amazing how Audrey makes my little apartment feel like home. You can see some pics of her on my (basically defunct) blog: http://thepeacockdiaries.blogspot.com/2011/07/eat-pee-love.html She doesn’t really like having her picture taken, but she is pretty darn cute.

  5. Sylvia

    I love this post!! I don’t have a dog but I’m going to say I’m a dog person anyway. Ive never met a dog I didn’t like. 🙂 Happy birthday to your sweet little baby.

  6. Janet

    Hi there.

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  7. Megan

    Happy birthday to Bailey!! Such a sweet tribute to your pup…she’s lucky to have such a great mom!

    My “kid” Bosworth just turned seven on Friday. Isn’t it crazy how fast time flies??? Here’s Bosworth’s tumblr: http://www.citytoller.com

  8. Megan

    I meant to say HE not SHE… that’s what I get for hitting submit before proofing my comment 🙂 Sorry Bailey!!

  9. Missy

    he’s going to live forever? did you find the doggie fountain of youth or something? for me that’s the only downside of owning a pet is that they don’t live forever. i’ve had to say goodbye to too many of them. it’s heartbreaking to see them get old & frail, & then having to make the humane decision to not let them suffer anymore.

  10. Dori

    Happy birthday to sweet Bailey! I want a pup so badly, but it will have to wait until next summer. My brother’s dog Santana (who I call my niece) will turn 6 in March. She and Bailey should date.

  11. NYC Fit Girl

    Happy Birthday Bailey! My roommate has a dog and it makes me want a dog soo bad! When I moved to the city I wasn’t allowed dogs so I had to leave my dog in Jersey. Once I moved to a building that allowed dogs my parents where to in love to give him back.

    Question: Do you leave Bailey home while you work? That’s the only thing I am hesitant about buying another dog because i am not sure i can afford doggy care.

    1. Theodora

      @NYC Fit Girl: I don’t do doggy day care either, because it’s pretty expensive, but I have a dog-walker who comes 2-3 times a week around lunchtime depending on the week and I run home the other days at lunch.

  12. fionarwbl

    Bailey is adorable!!! I love my dog Moose so unbelievably much. It’s going to sound crazy, but he just makes me so happy. He’s a simple guy – all he wants to do is be around you. Preferably sleeping, snoozing, snoring, napping, or a combination of above. 🙂

  13. Mindy

    Happy bday Bailey! What you wrote is so perfect – I have 2 fluffy little cats (don’t hate that I”m a cat person not a dog person – really am an all animal person) – and I love them SO much and that’s exactly what they bring me – happiness. I can honestly say they’ve gotten me through some extremelly dark times, I adopted them during a very difficult break up and they just…made me laugh and feel joy. Since then, just by them looking up at me with their fluffy little faces, they just make me…happy.

  14. Lynne

    Hi, Theodora…I have been reading your blog for a long time and really love it. I have two dogs and love them dearly – they are so awesome and bring so much joy to my life. I can’t imagine life without them! So I can relate to the happiness that Bailey brings you 🙂 He’s a cutey. I also read Tina’s blog CarrotsnCake and offered her a dog collar and leash set from my little hobby (izziebean.ca) and would love to gift Bailey one for his sixth b’day! Anytime. Just let me know. I work for an agri-marketing company by day in Nova Scotia, Canada and this hobby just makes me happy. Check out the styles and facebook (not all are on the site yet) and, again, would be happy to send a collar and leash. Keep up the great work – have no idea how you balance everything! I have been to NYC about 9 times and love it…but living there…not for the faint of heart 🙂 Take care and I’ll keep reading! Lynne

  15. Caitlin

    I love this post! I was just thinking while walking Buddy this morning how grateful I am for him. He encourages me to get outside and slow down every day. And it doesn’t hurt to have someone be SO excited to see you all the time. That’s pretty cool too.
    Happy birthday to Bailey!

  16. Katie H.

    I love that you’re a dog person, too 🙂 I have two puppies–one of which, Delilah, I am also convinced is going to live forever. My husband and I joke about how Delilah and I will spend retirement.

  17. Kaitlin

    I’m thisclose to adopting a cutie from Animal Haven. I’m just hesitant because there are a million reasons why I should not adopt a dog. It seems like you have an active social life, so how do you deal with the whole going out after work thing? Thanks!

    1. Theodora

      @Kaitlin: Honestly, that is one of the hardest parts of having him for me. I either run home straight after work to take him out, not stay out very long or have to call my dog-walker. And on weeks when I know I have something after work every week, I usually have my parents watch him for the week.

      And then I spend the entire next week snuggling with him 🙂


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