Getting Excited + Ask a Run Coach!

I honestly had no idea what to blog about this afternoon. I’ve so far only left my house to walk Bailey, I haven’t worked out yet, I haven’t eaten anything exciting, I haven’t had any blog-worthy epiphanies. (Or any non blog-worthy epiphanies either.) Ali suggested I think about some fun stuff coming up, and I’m in a slightly better mood already.


I’m going on a hot air balloon ride tomorrow for a blogger event with Hershey. (Yes, like the chocolate.) I’m equally terrified and excited. Flying in a big, sturdy plane terrifies me, so I am sure this will, too. But do one thing a day that scares you, right? I have a feeling it will be well worth the fear.



I’m going sailing with Ashley and Bo on Friday. There was a Groupon a few months ago, and I bought it fully intending to go alone and look for cute sailing boys, before Ashley told me her and Bo also bought a Groupon. They’ve been informed they will be playing wingman and lady for me.


I’m excited to run 13 miles this Saturday. I haven’t run that long since I ran the More/Fitness Half in April. Thirteen miles is an incredibly legit distance, that makes me feel like I’m really training for a marathon, and not just running a lot. That long run will be followed by a bagel, obviously, and then some fabulous outdoor birthday celebrations for friends.


Maine! I’m going there in a few weekends to see Lizzy and my friend Lindsay, who’s back from Hawaii for a few days. I will also be running the Freeport Half while there, meeting Joy and it will be awesome.


There will be lobster rolls involved.


HLS! I will be speaking about how to use social media to network and make friends, and I’m excited. You know, as long as I don’t throw up all over myself first.


I will have 17 miles on my marathon training schedule, and I’m sure there will be other marathon-training bloggers to run with in Philly. I’m excited.

I’m also hoping that sometime in the next month, I will have an awesome new job to tell you about. Fingers crossed, okay?

What are you excited about? And do you have any advice for staying sane during a long job search??

Also–my running coach has agreed to do a running Q&A here on the blog. So, leave a comment with any burning running questions you’re dying to have answered by a coach!

19 comments on “Getting Excited + Ask a Run Coach!

  1. Brie @ Brie Fit

    Oh, stay away from the sailing boys. I dated one for way too long in college; he always complained that I was too heavy and slowed his boat down and that no, we could not bring wine on the boat because glass was a safety hazard. Jerk.

  2. Lizzy

    I wanted to talk to you about the half- so come on IM!!!!

    Can’t wait for it and yes there must be lobster rolls consumed. That is priority.

  3. Margaret

    I wish i had a run coach :), just to keep me inspired, sometimes having someone else tell you ‘you can do it’ makes you believe you can. I, like you, am training for the NY Marathon, it’s my second marathon, with my first, i overtrained on the ‘running side’ and got so burnt out. This time, my approach has been more about cross training, and not ‘over-doing the runs’, so I’m playing high level tennis, spinning classes, and hot yoga. So far, I’m still keeping up with the short runs and long weekend run, but I want to know how much cross-training: tennis, spinning, etc, can correlate to a short run, and I can consider my weekley schedule accomplished. i.e. – right now i’m often doing 2-a-days (or even 3-a-days) to get everything in, but wondering if that’s really necessary, can i have a tough day on the tennis court and think, hey i probably ran 3 miles on the court today.

  4. Kimra

    Your exciting things: hot air balloon! That looks awesome! My husband’s been in one but I never have. I can’t wait to see those pictures.

    My exciting thing and my sanity tip are the same: I’m trying to take one day a week off to not do anything job-search-related (aka, to not stare at my email and phone all. damn. day). So this Friday I’m going berry-picking with friends, and then we’re going to make jam.

    My running question(s): 10% rule: myth or reality? and if you’re not supposed to increase speed and distance at the same time, why do a lot of training plans include speedwork?

  5. Morgan

    You’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming up, have a blast girl! I have caught two balloon shows recently and I am uber jealous that you’re going up in one!

    Question for Coach: How do you determine what’s the best training plan for your athlete? Do you work off one kind of training plan that you just tweak accordingly or do you actually custom tailor your athlete’s plan from various different training possibilities?

  6. christa

    Im on a rather long job search period of my own, and what i can tell you, is to make a list of all the things you never had the *time* for while working a full time job, and then tackle that list. It could be totally awesome stuff like make the 2 day long kolaczki’s or something totally as boring as cleaning out your recipe binders. If you do the things you intended to do but never made time for, now, then you will feel accomplished (and possibly a little more organized…lol)

  7. Kristine @ Running on Hungry

    Just found your blog via Ashley’s (and your guest post!) and oh my goodness, I like you already! THANK YOU for writing that you can still have a (very active!) social life and go out for drinks while training and/or maintaining a high level of fitness. I looove going out for drinks and having fun with friends and I love reading that other bloggers do too!

  8. Katherine

    I’m from Philly! I absolutely LOVE IT! Running Kelly Dr is absolutely breath taking…it might even trump running Central Park =p

    I’ve always wondered about icing and such. Is it necessary? If so, is it necessary after runs between 5 and 10 miles? I never quite understood anything about icing.

  9. Michelle

    Hahah I love that you brought a groupon to scope cute sailing boys. I would totally do that too. Except if I was by myself I wouldn’t end up talking to any of them because I kinda freeze up on my own!

    Can’t wait to hear about the ballon!

  10. Jordan

    Q for a running guru:

    I’m training for my first half and my training plan includes speedwork but I have no idea how to translate the run speak:

    Dist: 4 Mi, inc
    Warm; 2×1600 in 8:54
    w/800 jogs; Cool

    Oh, and I’ll be doing speedwork on a track…

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Erica Sara

    You have so much good stuff going on! Go you! Ok, question for Coach:
    I’m currently sidelined with a hip injury and the NYCM is just 100 days away. It’s bursitis and I’m hoping to start PT next week. Is training for a marathon in less than 100 days even possible? It’s not my first…but still worried.


  12. Elizabeth@GenuineEfforts

    Hi! My question is about strength training and running: I do hot yoga, traditional yoga, and Pilates. Do I need to do strength training with weights too? I feel like I already give a lot of time to these things and wouldn’t want to give any of them up unless it was necessary. Are these things a good substitute for strength training?

  13. Bridget

    Running question – I would love some suggestions of what type of fuel is easy to carry with you to consume during long runs. I read that you’re supposed to consume at least 150 calories per hour of running. So that would add up to a lot of gu or shot blocks on a 3+ hour run. I was thinking dried fruit might be good. Other fuel ideas?

  14. Lauren @ Sassy Molassy

    Hey Theodora, I read your post on Tina’s blog today. Stomach issues are no fun during a marathon. If you’re around on Friday morning, I’m looking for someone (or a whole slew of people) to run 15-20 miles with at Healthy Living Summit. Would love to have some company! @laurenpeters


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