My Best Run Ever

It’s so true that you only regret the runs you don’t do.

Last night, I was both seriously dragging and regretting skipping my runs this weekend. I was taking my time getting out the door when my coach g-chatted me and said “No more skipping runs! Go lace up!”


Of course, once I hit the water, I was glad I was out there.

photo 1.jpg

It was an absolutely gorgeous night, even if it was pretty steamy.

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

When I ran past Pier I cafe, I was actually thinking how nice it would be to run into someone I wanted to see–since 90% of the time you run into someone, it’s never someone you want to see. I’d seen Erica tweet about how she was going out for a run, and I hoped I might run into her.

photo 5.jpg

And then I heard one of my favorite people calling my name. Emily was having a picnic with a friend of hers, and I sat down and chatted for awhile. Her friend recognized me because of my obsession with this purple top. Maybe I need more… (Speaking of Lululemon, they have an awesome post on their blog about marathon training and nutrition.)

photo 4.jpg

And then I got up and finished my run home with a big smile on my face.

14 comments on “My Best Run Ever

  1. Corrie Anne

    Yay!! I’m glad you made it out!! I’m reallly hoping I feel better so I can pound the pavement today. That’s hilarious what you said about running into people you WANT to run into! SO TRUE!! 🙂

  2. Dori

    Great run! That is the best. I love that you were recognized by your top. The only reason I have so many is because I don’t have laundry in my building, so I pretty much never do laundry. But maybe it is time for you to get another, haha. Maybe another color of that same style since you love it?


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